Social media pages and profile affect hospitality managers hiring and promotion decisions.

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Nowadays social media plays an ever-increasing role in recruitment. Many surveys done by the World Trade Organization (WTO) reported that millennials are the largest force in the hospitality and tourism sector now. This changes the standard selection process. Social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter reveal the real personality traits of every user […]

When a Bright Woman Takes Charge!

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Competent, qualified, professional, classy, dynamic lady, Caroline Chemaly—you are the general manager of The Bayview Hotel and a hospitality, travel and tourism consultant, specialized in the development of the tourism sector, and holding a double master’s degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing. You also speak four languages. And you were elected in 2016 to be […]

Rallye des Grâces: The Race for Economic Empowerment

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Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan In an unconventional crossover, a car race doubles as an empowerment network for women to kickstart their own businesses. Chahrazad Rizk, a powerhouse of Swiss and Berber origins, is the driving force behind the Rallye des Grâces, or Women Classic Rally. HOME sat down with the first Arab woman […]

A Conversation with India’s Ambassador to Lebanon: His Excellency Sanjiv Arora

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Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief Before he takes his next post in February of 2019 as India’s Secretary of Overseas Indian Affairs, HOME Magazine sat down with H.E Sanjiv Arora who shed light on various topics, ranging from Mahatma Gandhi’s enduring legacy to his faith in the diaspora population and why bilateral trade between Lebanon and […]

Georgia Through a Lebanese Lens

Landscape of buildings and trees

Photos by: Aia Dakdouk Lebanese photographer Aia Dakdouk feels drawn to Georgia, the former Soviet Republic, where her lens captures the beautiful combination of Caucasus Mountain villages, Black Sea beaches and the cobblestone streets of old Tbilisi. Everyone asks me: “Why Georgia?” I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s because in Georgia, I never felt I […]