Anfeh: A Day in White and Blue

Photos by: Claudia Matta The sea is glistening to my left. The sun is in my eyes. Still 10 a.m. but already too bright and crowded on the highway. Windows rolled up and air conditioning on to keep the noise and heat, somewhat, at bay, we crawl our way north, round Jounieh Bay, past Tabarja. […]

Georges Najjar: Inviting the World for Coffee Lebanese-Style

  Meet the man committed to revolutionizing Lebanese coffee Sixty years ago, Michel Najjar became the first person to take an industrial approach to coffee production and distribution in the Middle East. Today, with his son Georges at the helm, his company, Café Najjar, aims to bring the Lebanese-style cup of coffee to the world. […]

Bed and Breakfast: Showcasing the Authentic Lebanon

  The provision of Bed & Breakfast is a rising trend in Lebanon. It offers tourists, or even locals, a glimpse of the country’s exceptional culinary, historical and social heritage. Photos by: Natheer Halawani, Diaa Arfan, Rene Schulthoff, Leia Gorra and Paul Gorra, One of the most unique things about Lebanon is its distinct human […]