Take Off the Mask!

Lebanese Women, Embrace Your Natural Beauty.

Celebrity makeup artist and beauty blogger Hala Ajam is a strong believer in the power of natural beauty. Her new campaign #NudeAllTheWay celebrates the philosophy that #lessismore

Lebanese women are known for their polished beauty – flawless skin, groomed eyebrows, thick lashes, slim waists and full chests. In a land where appearance is paramount, women say they feel the pressure to enhance their looks.

Against the backdrop of a salon on every corner, celebrity makeup artist and beauty blogger Hala Ajam calls on women to embrace their natural beauty. Her new beauty campaign #NudeAllTheWay calls on women to drop their masks and show themselves.

“What I love so much about these styles – and the reason I advocate them – is that nude, natural looks don’t hide your face and features. They bring back youth, playfulness and only cover discoloration and imperfection,” Ajam wrote in a recent blog post.

Nude makeup allows women to show “the best version of themselves.”

Ajam studied the art of makeup in Beirut and Hollywood, and worked in a fashion photography studio in Los Angeles, where she made a name for herself in makeup for photography, TV and movies. She returned to Lebanon and opened her salon in the Starco Center in Beirut.

Being natural is the way to go, says Ajam. “Don’t hide behind a thick mask. Use just what you need to show that you glow inside out.

“I believe that women should not hide who they are. By doing less, they show more of their own beauty.” said Ajam. “The most important thing a woman can do to look beautiful is to believe in herself. Confidence is the key to beauty. Accepting yourself the way you are.”

A nude, natural looks that accentuate one’s assets is not a new approach for Ajam. The theme rings out in her 2007 makeup book “Face to Face”. Its also seen in her blog tagline:

“Don’t get influenced. Be inspired.”

Show your best features, Ajam urged. “There are a million ways to stand out – with your good character and a confident smile, by showing love and respect to people. These can show who you really are and make that strong first impression.”