Tania Kassis Opens a ‘Window on a New Morning’

Tania Kassis Opens a ‘Window on a New Morning’

After months of lockdown and confinement, where the only view we had was a view from our balconies, the French-Lebanese singer Tania Kassis decided to open a “Window on a New Morning”.

Tania’s songs always carried a universal message and her new song “Window on a New Morning” is no exception.

In this new song, Tania did not need any words to deliver its message that invites us to meditation and serenity during the hard times we are facing. Her voice alone,that was often compared to a violin by the Egyptian media played along harmoniously with the other instruments.

Besides, the music itself, that is known as a universal language was enough to do the rest.

This new release is accompanied by a video clip that reflects all the values and priorities that we had forgotten.

The video shots taken in one of beirut streets -that all look the same now- showcase the shy and slow comeback of life.

The lyrics at the end of the clip: ”Every beautiful day is an investment for our memories” invite us to make the best out of every day of our lives to make each day count.

“Window on a New Morning” is Tania’s first collaboration with Tony Karam (composer, producer) but definitely not the last as the two artists are working on a complete music project.

Link to the song: https://youtu.be/U-6VIIdY0hQ