“It is a big challenge,” said Roula Rizk, founder and general manager of Tiny but Mighty, a catering company in Bayada that provides healthy, organic and balanced meals for schools, companies, homes and private events.

Rizk wants to see a move towards healthier eating, accompanied with an awareness of its importance. The result is Tiny but Mighty, a new-concept catering service that offers “real food” that is healthy,organic and prepared from scratch with the highest standards of safety and quality.
In an interview in Tiny but Mighty’s bright eat-in space, Rizk’s green eyes sparked as she exclaimed, “I felt I was the right person to do this. I have a vision about a healthier future. I truly believe in Mahatma Ghandi’s quote: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Meticulous to a fault, her passion for healthy food manifests itself in all aspects of the catering service, from the selection of top chefs and staff, to the use of only certified organic and natural ingredients, to a spotless, clinically clean facility built to support the high sanitation and food handling international requirements of ISO 22000, the state-of-the-art standard in food safety. The production process is designed for a unidirectional flow from receiving and cooking to packaging and dispatching, with separate isolated preparation rooms for meat, poultry and fish to prevent cross-contamination.

Tiny but Mighty offers a diverse menu of reasonably priced, organic, nutritious food for pick-up, eat-in and delivery to home and workplaces.
Everything Tiny but Mighty makes – including bread, cakes, snack foods like baked potato chips, homemade ice cream and light pastries to nutritionally balanced daily dishes – is good for you. Even the food packaging is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Tiny but Mighty’s building itself is green, based on ecological construction principles.

“Why choose organic?”
Rizk asked rhetorically.
“Organic food is not a luxury; it is how food is supposed to be.”

“Whatever we offer, I have applied in my own home, with my own children,” said Rizk. “I thought through each and every detail. I am offering exactly what I would want my own family to eat – organic, well balanced, homemade meals.”