Tony Ward: Couture Fall Winter 2018/19 Narrative Windows

Tony Ward: Couture Fall Winter 2018/19 Narrative Windows

A fascinating art form inspired Tony Ward when designing his couture Fall Winter 2018/19 collection: stained glass. In the same way tiny colored pieces of glass form a pattern or a picture full of symbolism when they are arranged together, the couture collection narrates its story through sculpted volumes and enthralling embroideries that replicate the beautiful patterns of stained glass windows.

Transparency is key in this collection, with a mesmerizing play of sheer materials mixed with solid fabrics, creating windows to the body. Special nuances and volumes are created through layers of translucency, with see-through details that give a light, feminine and puzzling feel to the dresses.

The designer explored new and unusual ways of folding, weaving and mixing fabrics such as lace, silk crepe, printed transparent screens and embroidered tulle. The color palette is rich, following the enchanting array of vivid colors of stained glass windows when illuminated by the sun; powder blue, gitane blue, red, gold, white and black.

Moreover, the designer collaborated with Yana Markova for some spectacular headpieces and earrings.

With garments made of handwoven ribbons and other complex couture materials and techniques, taking up to 600 hours to be conceptualized and manufactured, the collection tells a story inspired by the striking stained glass “narrative windows.”

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