Iro Pagona loves traveling; she has fallen in love with the “wandering” process. Iro’s heart beats fast with every step that she takes in a new place. When she visited Lebanon, Iro was experiencing the country through her Greek photo lens.

Photos by: Iro Pagona

“I visited Lebanon with my family, to experience a new place through our photo lenses. This travel photo story is edited with photographs by myself and my daughter – photography student Maira Miliaki.”

Past architecture: We walked through Beirut’s past, amazed by its Ottoman era mansions.

Up the stairs at Mar Mikhael: We were driven to climb, play and photograph these colorful steps after visiting this amazing art neighborhood.

Sidon Castle: A rainy day’s driving led us to a wander around the crusaders’ fortress.

Fishermen’s port; provides charming views of colorful boats, old HOMEs and boat repairer’s shops. An urban playground, looking through boat constructions; the sky and the sea from a different point of view.

City of Tyre: Looking for a shelter at Tyre’s old city; a tale of two quarters and their labyrinthine aisles.

Duma welcome: My daughter felt already at HOME, being welcomed with beautiful flowers to our guest house.

Fishermen at work, fishing and fisherman’s wharf: Before our late breakfast, we take in Tyre’s most important economic asset.

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