Check out here some Volunteering Opportunities


The Albert Nassar Foundation is a fully functioning community center located at the heart of Bkennaya village in Mount Lebanon. It was established in 2007, and is funded by the Nassar family. It provides a broad range of free services including vocational training, social relief, leisure and sports, and a center for documentation and information. It is fully equipped to welcome people with disabilities. Most of the beneficiaries come from low to middle class socioeconomic statuses. They originate from all over Lebanon and represent its mixture of religions and nationalities.

The Foundation engages in road safety, organ donations, women’s rights, and anti-smoking campaigns. It collects clothing and school supplies and prepares meals that are distributed to those in need. And it organizes specially tailored activities that include lunch to welcome elderly people, those with special needs, women, and groups from orphanages and public schools.

Heart Talk

This Foundation changed my life … I can finally communicate with my family abroad … I was able to become more useful in my community – I met new friends – I was able to help with the family’s income – I had a promotion – I felt better about myself – I was so happy to be welcome, even though
I am different – I was able to have fun and learn new skills – I received a decent meal and clothes….
These are some of the daily comments expressed by beneficiaries of the Foundation. The Foundation has had a positive role in their lives whether they are children, women, elderly people, physically or mentally impaired, whether they come to us individually or in groups through all our social partners. We hope to continue to offer these services and develop new ones to cope with society’s changing needs.

Volunteer Opportunities

Christmas Event
The volunteer can share his/her talents and interests – provide general help, create an activity to do with the children, take photos, play an instrument… Tell us what you can do!
Interest areas: Children and youth, Disabled, Refugees
When: Any day December 15-20, 4-6 pm
Where: Foundation’s Center in Bkennaya village, Metn
Participants: Teens (13-18), Youth (18-25), Adults
Skills and knowledge needed: Whatever skills and talents you can offer

Help prepare meals for those in need
Interest areas: Hunger
When: Any Thursday from 8.30 to 11 am
Where: Foundation’s Center in Bkennaya village, Metn
Participants: 13 and older



Arcenciel is a non-profit, apolitical and non-confessional association that was established in 1985, in the midst of Lebanon’s civil war. At that time, arcenciel decided to work differently than the status quo of the time by creating a structure that serves all without discrimination. For this reason, the name arcenciel (“rainbow” in French) was chosen. It represents the whole color spectrum, and appears equally to all. arcenciel thus works with and for all people facing difficulties, without discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, socio-economic status, race or nationality. It conducts its operations through eight programs (mobility, employment, social, youth, health, environment, tourism and agriculture) in 13 centers across Lebanon. Arcenciel’s mission is to participate in the sustainable development of society by supporting vulnerable individuals and integrating marginalized communities. It is an equal opportunities association, based on a system which derives its strength from people’s weaknesses.

Heart Talk

Loving arcenciel means loving its vision of a country that only exists in its plurality; loving arcenciel means carrying its message of tolerance and peace. Arcenciel is the poor helping the rich as much as the rich helping the poor; the disabled at the service of the disabled; people in need helping out other people in need. Arcenciel means believing that every human being has the potential to grow regardless of race, ethnicity, social class, religion or gender.

Volunteer Opportunities

Translate from French to English

Presentation Editing
Create, edit and update PowerPoint presentations for internal trainings.

Re-organizing Cupboards, Social Shop Organizer
Re-organizing cupboard, help in organizing clothes received in donation, at the social shop

Sew mildly damaged clothes received in donation for the social shop.

Artist, Designer, Painter
Train and develop painters at the porcelain workshop.

Food Kit Packaging
Pack food kits for refugees.
Where: All listed opportunities are in Beirut, though some (translation and PP editing can be done, at least in part, as virtual volunteers/off site).
When: Most opportunities are flexible, but need to be done within working hours
Skills needed: Skills relate to the specific volunteer opportunity.
Participants: Youth (18-25), Adults, Seniors; for some opportunities, Youth (13-18) are possible if accompanied by older person.


Friends of Public Libraries Association

ASSABIL was founded in 1997 to establish and promote public libraries in Lebanon that are free and open to all. It has opened 3 public libraries in Beirut and has 2 mobile libraries serving public schools and communities in Beirut’s northern and southern suburbs (http://www.assabil.com/municipal/). In addition, ASSABIL supports a network of 25 partner libraries located throughout Lebanon, offering expertise and training on library management and programming, to ensure that public libraries all over Lebanon are open, friendly spaces where access to information is provided to all.

Heart Talk

ASSABIL was born after the civil war had ended. We were five friends discussing the reconstruction of the city, and particularly the necessity of creating public spaces where the divided people of Lebanon could meet again and rebuild their sense of citizenship. If the reconstruction was not to include such cultural spaces, educational activities, reading for pleasure, and the right to free open-access information,
Lebanon would have remained stuck at war. In 1996,
Beirut held its first municipality council elections in thirty-four years, and ASSABIL took the opportunity to present the project of creating the first public library in the history of the city, as a solid foundation on which Lebanon could move forward.

Volunteer Opportunities

NOTE: While these suggested volunteer opportunities are for the three municipal libraries that Assabil has established in Beirut, it may be possible to volunteer in similar ways for any of the 25 partner libraries located throughout Lebanon.

Storytelling for Children
Come tell a story to the children at the library
When: 1 hour: Fridays at 4 pm for Bachoura/Monnot – Saturdays at 11 am for Geitawi
Interest areas: Arts & Culture, Children & Youth, Refugees
Where: Beirut municipal libraries: Bachoura, Geitawi, Monnot
Participants: Youth (18-25), Adults, Seniors
Skills and knowledge needed: Storytelling skills and playfulness
What you can bring: You are welcome to bring your favorite children’s books to read, but there are also plenty at the library to choose from.

Decorating the Libraries for the Holidays
When: Early in the holiday period; Flexible: Tuesday- Friday between 10am-6pm
Interest areas: Arts & Culture, Children & Youth, Community
Where: Beirut municipal libraries: Bachoura, Geitawi, Monnot
Participants: All ages from children through seniors
Skills and knowledge needed: Some artistic talent helpful

Social Media Intern
Managing the libraries’ online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
When: Flexible, Monday-Friday between 9am-3pm
Where: Beirut
Participants: Youth (18-25)
Skills and knowledge needed: Social media skills

Teaching a Skill
Teach a skill you are good at such as photography, Photoshop, origami, knitting, online tools, computer skills, etc.
When: Flexible
Where: Beirut
Participants: Ages 18 through Seniors

Distributing Library Brochures
Distributing library brochures to schools, hospitals, public gardens, etc.
When: Flexible
Where: Beirut
Participants: Ages 18 through Seniors


BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

BETA was established to improve the lives of animals in the region. They provide rehabilitation and a safe haven while striving to find the loving, permanent homes these animals deserve. Through education and direct action, they work to prevent animal overpopulation and cruelty, and encourage a society that treats animals with compassion.

Heart Talk

Our major concern is to get people to accept the fact that animals are creatures of God that have the right to exist and live unharmed and without cruelty. We understand that some people may not like animals. Everyone is free to like whoever and whatever he wants, but this is not a reason to harm the creatures that we don’t like. Compassionate people are good people who don’t hurt human beings or animals or nature.
Our hope is that we will be able to realize our objectives through our educational campaigns conducted through social networks, media, schools, scouts and social groups.

Volunteer Opportunities

Clean at Cats’ Facility
We have a facility with around 40 cats that needs daily cleaning.
Interest areas: Animals
When: Flexible, any day between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm
Where: Baabda
Participants: Youth (18-25), Adults
Skills and knowledge needed: No special skills

Walk Dogs
We have around 400 dogs at the shelter. They need to be in contact with people as much and possible and walking them is a great opportunity for both the volunteers and the dogs.
Interest areas: Animals
When: Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: Metn
Participants: Youth (18-25), Adults
Skills and knowledge needed: No special skills
Commitment: At least one 2-hour session
What to bring: Water, Hat, Spare Clothing (for your own use)


Caritas Lebanon is a member of the international network Caritas Internationalis, which reflects the social mission and core values of the Catholic Church, with a belief in dignity, solidarity and stewardship on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable people.
Based on the values of the Gospel, Caritas Lebanon aspires to build a society that respects human dignity.
It aims at:
– Attaining wider social justice.
– Promoting a national network of solidarity with the objective of reducing poverty and exclusion.
– Improving the development of individuals and communities, hence promoting their autonomy.
To achieve its goals, Caritas Lebanon has implemented a broad range of activities in the areas of health, education, welfare, and social justice. It seeks to engage citizens, migrants, and refugees in Caritas activities under the concept of social responsibility, making them not only beneficiaries but also partners. And it helps to integrate individual activity into a community and collective approach with the aim of reaching sustainable development.

Heart Talk

Our mission at Caritas Lebanon, from the president to employees and volunteers, is to serve vulnerable people with love and care, no matter who and where they are. And this is what we have all been doing for over forty years. Together, we are making the difference.
Passing the torch from one generation to the next confirms that Caritas Lebanon’s achievements result from the fruitful efforts of a continuous teamwork. Together, we did make the difference; together we are making the difference and together, with the grace of God, we will continue to make the difference.
Father Paul Karam
President of Caritas Lebanon

Volunteer Opportunities

Activities for Children around Christmas
Youth Groups from all Caritas Lebanon’s Sectors organize Christmas activities around Christmas for underprivileged children: games, songs, theater, dance, story-telling etc.
Interest areas: Children and Youth
When: December – Evenings and week-ends
Where: Opportunities in Beirut, Baabda, Aley, Matn, Kisrwan, Shouf, Tripoli, Zgharta, Batroun, Kourah, Zahle, West Bikaa, Sidon, Jezzine
Participants: Youth (18-25)
Skills and knowledge needed: Arabic language, experience in working with children
Commitment: Depends on the activity
What you can bring: Books and/or games

Visit the elderly and/or the sick
Visiting the elderly and the sick in collaboration with the Youth Groups of Caritas in different sectors of Lebanon.
Interest areas: Seniors
When: Evenings, week-ends, holidays
Where: Opportunities in Beirut, Baabda, Aley, Matn, Kisrwan, Shouf, Tripoli, Zgharta, Batroun, Kourah, Zahle, West Bikaa, Sidon, Jezzine Participants: Youth (18-25)
Skills and knowledge needed: kindness and compassion
Commitment: Depends on the activity
What you can bring: Wool socks, scarves and headwear

Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center
Prepare and conduct activities for migrant workers and refugees. Volunteers can prepare activities for Christmas, New Year and International Migrants Day (December 18). They can collaborate with the project manager to help in planning special activities for children and women.
Interest areas: Children and youth, Community, Refugees, Women
When: December – January 15, M-F 9am-5pm
Where: Opportunities in all of these Qadaa: Beirut, Metn, Kesrwan, Koura, Sidon
Participants: All ages, but particularly Youth (18-25)
Skills and knowledge needed: English/Arabic
Commitment: Orientation and the time to prepare and conduct at least one holiday activity, preferably more.

CHANCE (Children Against Cancer) Association

Every child with cancer deserves a chance to be cured!
The mission of CHANCE is to help Lebanese children with cancer or blood disorders receive the best chance for a cure by covering financially the cost of their treatment in 5 hospitals and by supporting them and their families emotionally and psychologically. So far, CHANCE has helped over 400 families and covered over 5000 hospital admissions. During 2013, CHANCE helped 100 children, relying entirely on volunteer work and donations!
CHANCE helps these children financially by organizing fundraising events and activities: Dinners, parties, fashion shows, brunches, theatre shows… They also organize activities and outings for the kids themselves: an egg hunt at Easter time, a Christmas party, a drawing competition, outings to various places in Lebanon.
Some of the volunteers also visit the children in hospitals, bring them toys, and play with them. They have a psychotherapist who helps the kids cope with their disease, helps their parents accept it, and help them both learn how deal with this complex disease.
CHANCE is also working in collaboration with the psychotherapist on a program called “Caring for Caregivers” to help the nurses dealing with Oncology/Hematology patients express their feelings and talk about the difficulties they are having with the children and their parents in order to help them cope with these issues.

Heart Talk

Joy is what makes CHANCE so unique and special because all what you see around you is SMILES: The SMILE of the person donating, knowing that he is helping cure a cute little kid; the SMILE of the sick child himself and his parents knowing that he is actually going to be fine because they will be able to afford his treatment and financial problems will not get in his way; and definitely our SMILE as CHANCE members and volunteers to see all these happy people around us and know that all our efforts are being fruitful and giving joy and happiness to others.

Volunteer Opportunities

Develop a Website

Visit the kids at the hospitals, play with them

Give a presentation

Organize outings

Teach a skill

Interest areas: Children and youth, Health, Community
When: Flexible
Where: Beirut hospitals and office
Participants: All ages: From teens (13-18) through Adults
Skills and knowledge needed: Computer Skills, Graphic Design, Animation, Entertainment, Events Planning. It depends on the volunteer opportunity.



Considering that Home for Christmas is a magazine targeted, in part, to people of Lebanese descent visiting Lebanon, it is worth noting that the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon was started by Danny Thomas, a famous American entertainer of Lebanese descent.
Believing that “no child should die in the dawn of life,” he led the initiative to found the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, USA which opened its doors in 1962.
Danny’s wish was to open a similar institution in his home country; thus in 2002, the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) was inaugurated with a mission to save children’s lives. It works in close coordination with the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC). Children at CCCL are admitted regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, religion or nationality, and are treated free of charge, with no cost at all to their parents.

Heart Talk

I want the whole world to know what a blessing this center is… I am so grateful to CCCL that I can volunteer to do anything that helps the center. I am grateful to CCCL and all the people like you who are doing the greatest and most noble work that anyone can do in life. Shahig Hudaverdian, 2012 Mother of CCCL Survivor

Volunteer Opportunities:

Play with the children, translate, sing, dance.
The volunteer program of CCCL is a model for social institutions throughout Lebanon and the broader region, with clear guidelines, expectations, orientation, and supervision. Some volunteers entertain the children with games, stories, chats, and events, while teenagers find in volunteers a friendly mate to rely on. Volunteers can also help in the administration of the volunteer program. Some of the rigorous requirements for volunteering are being loosened for those who are visiting Lebanon for a short time, particularly its requirement that volunteers commit to serving at least two to four hours a week for three consecutive months.
Interest areas: Children and youth, Health
When: Flexible, all days 10 am-8 pm
Where: Beirut
Participants: Youth (18-25), Adults
Skills and knowledge needed: Patience, humor with kids, respect, and a strong heart.
Commitment: Orientation of 2 hours; commitment to a set schedule as per volunteer’s availability and interest.

DAR AL AMAL (The House of Hope)

The mission of Dar Al Amal/The House of Hope is to receive, without any discrimination, children in difficult social and family conditions in order to support their struggle against delinquency, protect them from violence, especially sexual abuse, and help them realize their potential. Dar Al Amal welcomes young girls and women in situations of exploitation, prostitution, and/or conflict with the law, supports them, and provides them with opportunities for skill development and empowerment in order to change their lives, renew their social bonds, and re-establish their dignity and reintegration into society. And it has a safe house to give sanctuary to those who are most in need.
Dar Al Amal offers individual and family support, education support, vocational support, awareness sessions, recreational activities, and community development, all in a friendly atmosphere, with a caring and attentive staff.
Dar Al Amal runs three main programs:
•Two prevention and protection centers for children at risk (one in Nabaa and one in Ard Jalloul near the Chatila
Palestinian camp)
•One social rehabilitation and reintegration center for young girls and women who are victims of violence, exploitation, and prostitution
•A project of social rehabilitation and reintegration for incarcerated and released women in three women’s prisons (Baabda, Tripoli, and Zahle)

Heart Talk

Dar Al Amal is truly a House of Hope that gives hope to all those it serves.
We believe that the team does a wonderful job in preventing and protecting children at risk from all sorts of violence and exploitation. Dar Al Amal ensures hope for a better future to the girls and women taken in charge, who are marginalized. It is their right.
. It is our responsibility to protect them from the worst consequences of the patriarchal system which abuses, exploits, and marginalizes them. Above all, it is important for them to know that we care and that we are there to support them.

Volunteer Opportunities

– Help to organize events and recreational activities in all the centers, for both children (ages 7-18) and adults
– Teach foreign languages, awareness sessions, health and hygiene, nutrition, computer and other special skills
– Visit women in the prisons and organize recreational activities for them
Interest areas: Women, Children and youth, Health
When: Flexible
Where: Beirut (Nabaa and Sabra); women’s prisons in Baabda, Tripoli and Zahle
Participants: Youth (18-25), Adults
Skills and knowledge needed: Depends on the volunteer opportunity.
Commitment: Orientation; commitment to a set schedule as per volunteer’s availability and interest.
What you can bring: Clothes, food, toys, games.


Habitat for Humanity is committed to providing simple, healthy, affordable housing for families in need in Lebanon.
It is part of the international Habitat for Humanity network, which aims to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness in the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.
Habitat for Humanity Lebanon brings together young volunteers, workers, and families in need to build, renovate, or improve houses for the most vulnerable. It particularly seeks to help people with disabilities, female-headed families, large families, and Palestinian, Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Heart Talk

We consider our work to be successful when it transforms lives, offers opportunities to those in need, and promotes positive and lasting social, economic, and spiritual change within a community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Home renovation, construction, painting
Habitat for Humanity Lebanon recruits volunteers to help in the renovation or construction of homes for the most vulnerable in the country. Most volunteers are from Lebanon but often we also welcome other nationalities as well.
No particular skills are needed, just a lot of enthusiasm and a bit of time! We organize volunteering days, during which we gather a group of volunteers, go together to the destination, and work together on the house. Of course transport and food are provided for free.
Duration: Most of our volunteer opportunities last a day, but many of our volunteers choose to come back to volunteer at the next volunteer day.
When: Weekends. Contact HFH about the weekend(s) you are available to know when opportunities are available on those days.
Interest areas: Community, Environment, Disabled, Refugees.
Where: Many areas throughout Lebanon
Participants: Youth (18-25), Adults
Skills and knowledge needed: No particular skills are needed, just a lot of enthusiasm and a bit of time.
What you can bring: Just a smile and desire to help others!
Materials are all provided by HFH Lebanon.


Jeunesse Contre la Drogue is a non-profit NGO committed to spreading awareness as well as to providing counseling, rehabilitation and follow-up for addicts. JCD fights addiction by spreading awareness, providing training to social activists, and providing counseling to addicts and their parents without discrimination.
It provides rehabilitation to addicted youth in the inpatient or outpatient centers of the organization, in addition to following-up with the recovered addicts so as to facilitate their reintegration into society.

Heart Talk

The youth beneficiaries of JCD have the opportunity to find joy, and give it to others. They are relieved from pain and addiction. They are reborn to a real life, passing from superficiality to authenticity, from despair to confidence, from night to light. A new light of faith can be born in hearts that seek it.
Drogue (Youth Against Drugs)

Volunteer Opportunity

Teach a skill
Teach some aspect of life skills that could be of benefit to those rehabilitating from substance abuse problems.
When: Dates are flexible, Monday through Friday 3:00- 6:00 pm. Each session is an hour and a half.
Interest areas: Youth, Health
Where: Qadaa Kesrwan
Participants: Adults, Seniors
Skills and knowledge needed: Knowledge of the subject to be presented, as well as knowledge and experience in how to manage such a session.
What you can bring: Any PowerPoint presentation, handouts, or presentation supplies needed to give the presentation.
Commitment: At least one session.



Little Free Libraries of Lebanon is an initiative of The Learning to CARE Institute which provides consulting, training, and resource development on all aspects of volunteerism in Lebanon and throughout the Arab region.
Little Free Libraries are micro-libraries that provide the opportunity for a free exchange of books with the motto:
Take a book; Leave a book. Each Little Free Library (LFL) usually holds 20-50 books. It can be almost any size or shape. A family, club, neighborhood, or informal group can set up a library. This includes building the library box, identifying a good place to put it, getting the necessary permissions, installing it, filling it with books, and having a steward watch over it. The steward ideally checks it at least once every week or two throughout the year to keep it clean, to make sure it doesn’t leak in the rain, and to add books as needed. It is also good to include with the books a brochure that explains how the library works, so that it will truly serve as a free book exchange center for the community.
The first Little Free Library in Lebanon was installed in
April 2013 in Tripoli by a group of high school students as their project for Global Youth Service Days. It is our hope at the Learning to CARE Institute that villages throughout Lebanon, and local neighborhoods in the large towns and cities, will each have their own Little Free Library.
Full information about how to build a Little Free Library, the responsibilities of a steward, and much, much more, see http://www.littlefreelibrary.org/. And to view many more examples of Little Free Libraries, go to http://images.google.com/ and type in “Little Free Library”.

Heart Talk

Little Free Libraries are a great family or small group volunteer project and a great gift that you can give to your community. They also bring a community together, and encourage reading, walking, and sharing.

Volunteer Opportunity

Build a Little Free Library for Your Community
The Learning to CARE Institute will hold two Little Free Library Build Days in Beirut in partnership with AltCity (www.altcity.me). You are invited to form a team of 1-4 people to build a Little Free Library for your community.
You are welcome to bring your own materials and building plans, or you can order an LFL kit which includes all the pre-cut pieces of wood, hardware, screws, and plexiglass (cost $150*) to be assembled and painted.
The first 8 Little Free Libraries to be installed will also be given a free 2.5’ by 13’ official charter sign and number which allow you to have your library included on the online map (a savings of almost $40). Basic tools and some paints will be provided at the Build Day. *We will try to crowdsource or get donations to lower the cost, but $150 is the actual cost of the kit.
Interest areas: Arts & Culture, Community
When: Sign up for a Build Day – December 21 or December 28
Where: AltCity, Hamra, Beirut
Participants: Children (13-18), Youth (18-25), Adults, Seniors
Skills and knowledge needed: No special skills needed, but basic carpentry skills, painting skills, creativity and artistic talent would be helpful.
Commitment: At least 4-6 hours to assemble and paint your Little Free Library. You also need to arrange for a place in Lebanon to set up your library, a steward to watch over it (ideally to check on it at least once every week or two throughout the year), and books to start up the library.
What to bring to the Build Day: A design for how to paint/decorate your Little Free Library and any special materials you need for that design.


The Youth Voluntary Affairs Department in the Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association was first established in 2001 for the occasion of International Year of Volunteers in order to manage youth affairs and to activate the role of youth within their environment to go step by step with the developmental policy of the Association.

The Department’s mission is:
1) To develop the personality of youth and to help them understand the concept of voluntary work.
2) To develop the thought and the personality of the volunteer by providing him with field training.
3) To publish and spread the thought of mutual cooperation in the field of social work for the volunteers.
4) To develop the spirit of group work in volunteers
5) To strengthen the relations with national associations and official and unofficial organizations.

Heart Talk

Words from Dalal about the Makassed Volunteers Unit:
It would be an underestimation to describe the Volunteering Unit of the Makassed Association as a family.
Over 13 years of community services, youth projects and social activism, has transformed the young volunteers of this group into mature effective members in their communities. At the same time, they were made role models, advisors, parents and siblings to others like them.
In any of the volunteers’ activities, you can easily see a variety of faces; young men and women, ages from 15 to 30, gathered to complete the task they have at hand. Every individual’s work contributes to and completes the big picture, and they do it with so much love and devotion, that it really does mimic art.
Their relationships are interesting and beautiful to observe. The ambiance alternates between friendships and affection. And their serious professionalism when the “goings get rough” proves that all the training sessions and workshops they undergo in their early years pay off.
We will leave the judgment up to you, and invite you to join the youth group in their numerous events, and share their brotherhood in society.

Volunteer Opportunities

Visiting an Orphanage
Join the youth of Makassed Volunteers in their visit to an orphanage to play with the orphans and engage them in various recreational activities. Bring your own talents or simply join with the other volunteers in the activities they organize.
Interest areas: Community, Children & Youth
Where: Beirut
When: Friday December 19, starting at 10 am
Participants: Teens (13-18), Youth (18-3)), Adults
Skills and knowledge needed: Whatever knowledge and talents you can bring to spending a day with orphans
Commitment: One day (You should commit to stay with the group for at least 4 hours)
Things you could bring: Books, clothes, toys to give to the orphans, anything you might bring to engage in activities with them.


The Naji Cherfan Foundation was established to honor God after the passing of beloved Naji due to a motorbike accident followed by brain injury. The main aim of the Foundation is to improve the lives of children, adolescents, and adults, especially those affected by brain injury through promoting Christian values.
The Naji Cherfan Foundation produces a bi-monthly spiritual and health-oriented newsletter, “People Are Born To Shine”, which mainly aims at raising awareness among its readers regarding health challenges and related prevention methods, road safety, and environmentally-friendly habits, while inspiring them to live a full and more abundant life.
Heart TALK

We Are All Born To Shine!
Naji Cherfan

Volunteer Opportunity

Visiting hospitals while singing Christmas carols, distributing prayers, sweets and chocolate, and spreading comfort and joy.
For the past five years, the Foundation has toured a number of hospitals in Jounieh and Beirut on a mission to celebrate Christmas with patients and health care workers unable to be at home with their families for Christmas.
In the past years, the group has consisted of the Foundations’ volunteers along with members of the choir of St. Elie Church in Antelias, and St. Takla Church in Sed El Bouchriyei, as well as independent Christian choirs.

Join us on Christmas Day!
Where: Beirut and Jounieh area
When: Christmas Day, December 25
Participants: Youth 18-25 and older (also younger people accompanied by adults)
Skills and knowledge needed: A good voice, knowledge of traditional Christmas carols, a giving heart
Commitment: One day
Things you could bring: Sweets, chocolates, and other simple gifts for the patients at the hospital, their families, and/or the hospital staff.



SANAD provides home hospice care to terminally ill patients and their families preserving their dignity and the quality of their remaining life. SANAD aims to assist patients to remain as alert and as comfortable as possible within the sanctuary of their home through medical, social, and psychological support.

Heart Talk

Contrary to what many people believe, hospice care is not about waiting for death when cure has failed. It is about life and living. And this does not only include the terminally-ill patient, but the family as well. The SANAD team not only provides comfort for the family during difficult times of illness and departure of their loved one, but also a piece of memory to be carried with them for as long as they live. And herein lies a priceless gift. Hospice care is about small things, and about the patient being pain-free, comfortable and the family being content. Having said what they wanted to say, done what they wanted to do, and lived days the way they wanted to; the family will look back at these times and always say: “We did the right thing”.
This is what SANAD aspires for with every patient. With every family.

Volunteer Opportunities

Research assistant
Help with research on hospice issues and practices in order to improve SANAD services and contribute to the blog that will soon be launched.
Blog developer and contributor
Help with the development of a blog for SANAD that gives a voice to nurses and doctors, family caregivers, and the terminally-ill patients themselves, as well providing information about hospice issues and practices worldwide.
Visiting the terminally ill and their families
This requires careful screening and extensive training, and is limited to those who can serve the needs identified by the terminally-ill patients and their families.
Support to SANAD’s Fundraising Activities
SANAD will be preparing for a number of fundraising activities, one to take place in December (a fundraising theatre show) and also preparing for SANAD’s Gala dinner. We will need help with proposal writing, selling tickets, and organizational work at the venue.
When: Flexible
Where: Beirut
Participants: Youth 18-25, Adults, Seniors
Skills and knowledge needed: Depends on the volunteer opportunity.
Commitment: Flexible but a minimal commitment of at least 4 hours beyond the orientation.


Sesobel is dedicated to assist children with disabilities to live a life of joy and hope in spite of the difficulties they face. It seeks
• To accompany children and youth suffering from disability in all the dimensions of their lives;
• To support the families of the children suffering from disability, morally and financially, and
• To raise awareness of the causes of disability in the society.

To achieve those objectives it works to:
• Discover all levels of the needs of children with disabilities and those of their families especially those resulting from the disability.
• Collaborate and coordinate with all agencies that would meet those needs.
• Working for the prevention of disabilities and their early detection.
• Mobilize society in all its components and awareness to shoulder its responsibilities towards children with disabilities to ensure them living conditions respecting the dignity of man. Sesobel’s motto: “Together, the impossible becomes possible.”

Heart Talk

A person’s social responsibility and gracefulness on
Earth is to make a difference in someone else’s life, putting together all the potential assets that one has in the service of those who truly need it. We invoke all the people, regardless of their community, social and religious backgrounds, to consider bringing an added value to those who are less fortunate in life. Civic engagement and social cohesion should constitute a tremendous part in every person’s life no matter how overwhelmed it could be.

Volunteer Opportunities at Sesobel

Provide assistance at the chocolate workshop
This volunteer opportunity involves chocolate paper cutting, delivery of orders using a trolley, putting stickers on chocolate.
When: A range of times that are flexible from 8am-6pm; 3 days a week, November & December,
Interest areas: Children & youth, Disabled
Where: Qadaa Kesrwan
Participants: Youth 18-25, Adults
Skills and knowledge needed: To be meticulous.
Commitment: At least 3 hours, including basic orientation.
Other relevant information: The person applying for this opportunity should have patience and should be in good physical conditions. We prefer men for this opportunity.

This volunteer opportunity involves taking portrait pictures for a specific group of children (about 200 children).
Interest areas: Children & youth, Disabled
When: 1 week in January, 8-12 am
Where: Kesrwan
Participants: 18-25, adults, seniors
Skills and knowledge needed: Skills in photography
Commitment: Orientation and 4 hours a day. The time this activity is expected to take depends on the availability of the children (some might have therapies or be absent)

Provide Assistance at the Decoration Workshop
This volunteer opportunity involves wrapping decorated arrangements with cellophane, filling baskets with padding and delivery of orders.
Interest areas: Children & youth, Disabled
When: November & December, 8am-6pm (flexible)
Where: Kesrwan
Participants: 18-25, adults, seniors
Skills and knowledge needed: Minimal
Commitment: At least 4 hours, including orientation

Decorating for Christmas
This volunteer opportunity involves assisting in the decoration of the premises and of the poster boards.
When: November 27-28 / December 1-2, 9am-1pm
Where: Kesrwan
Participants: 18-25, Adults, Seniors
Skills and knowledge needed: Creativity, Craft Work skills, Computer design skills
Commitment: At least 3 hours, including orientation
What you can bring: Vacuum cleaner (4), hair dryer (1), radio CD (20), Orgue (1), TV 70” LCD (1), TV32” LCD (1), digital camera (2), DVD player (2), printer 3 in 1 (1), keyboard (1), speakers for PC (2), Go Pro camera (2), USB 8GB (2), PC Desktop (12), medications (please contact Sesobel)


The Sidon Orphan Welfare Society is a Lebanese nonprofit organization established in 1952. It provides comprehensive services and care to the most vulnerable groups in the community, especially orphans and children who have living parents and relatives but face adverse social and economic conditions, including those with special needs and the hearing impaired.
The Society offers comprehensive welfare, educational, instructional, rehabilitation, social, vocational, and support services to these children through five specialized channels: the Children Residential Unit, the Saida Generations School (a free elementary school), the Vocational Training Center, the Center for Children with Special Needs, and the Rehabilitation and Orientation School for The Hearing Impaired.

Heart Talk from volunteers

“It is a great joy to walk through the operational units at DAR and see a big number of underprivileged children given the opportunity to receive what life promises each child; shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, education, professional support backed up by lots of fun”.
“Happy smiles, intelligent bright eyes, loving gestures, politeness is portrayed in each child you meet. On each visit to DAR, I think to myself ‘What a wonderful world!’”
Being able to contribute to creating such valuable impact on children’s lives, and seeing the change happen, truly inspires one to be socially responsible.”

Volunteer Opportunities

Organizing books and stories at the library of the elementary school.
The person who is in charge to manage the library needs help in organizing the books, organizing contests in reading, and preparing the lists of books needed.
When: Flexible: December 1-15, 8 a.m-2 p.m.
Interest areas: Education, Libraries & Literacy
Where: Sidon
Participants: All ages, including under 13 with an adult.
Skills and knowledge needed: Good in English and Arabic in addition to computer skills.
Commitment: At least 4 hours, including basic orientation.
Other relevant information: The person responsible for the library is very helpful and can let the person learn what to do in a very short time.
What you can bring: Any educational books or movies that can help our children, particularly stories or movies that encourage good behavior, cleanliness, and family bonding, as well as books that may help our teachers to improve their methods.

Sidon Orphan Welfare Society

This opportunity is needed at the center of Special Needs. The students of special needs need to use their skills and express themselves. A volunteer that knows methods that help special needs students act and express themselves will let them improve in their psychological sessions with therapists.
When: November 15-December 15, 8-1 pm
Interest areas: Education, Libraries & Literacy
Where: Sidon
Participants: Adult, Senior
Skills and knowledge needed: Experience working with people with special needs, skills of acting and teaching
Commitment: This is a major commitment of a month.
Other relevant information: The students at our Center have down syndrome; we don’t have students that are physically disabled.
What you can bring: A short play written already in order to start working with students immediately.

Entertainment Activities at the Deaf School
We have a unit for students who have communication problems aged between 3 to 6 years. They have a specialized program in which the team works on improving their communication skills through entertainment activities such as plays, bringing cartoon characters, etc…
When: Two days per week, December 1-15, 8 am-1 pm
Interest areas: Arts & Culture, Disabled
Where: Sidon
Participants: Adult, Senior
Skills and knowledge needed: Ability to work with children, experience in specialized activities for children
Commitment: 4-hour session two days per week – possible to do 1-4 sessions.
What you can bring: Children’s toys, things related to the activity the volunteers will do.


T.E.R.R.E. Liban was launched in 1995 as a pioneering initiative and founded in 2002 as a non-governmental organization devoted to the creation and implementation of environmental education within Lebanon. It has been a leader in the promotion of environmental solutions for sustainable development ever since.

The organization aims to:
• Spread environmental concepts to all citizens separate from any political or religious concepts.
• Help and preserve the Lebanese natural heritage and its precious environmental biodiversity.
• Protect Lebanon’s natural resources and change people’s behaviors and habits through environmental education.
An important part of T.E.R.R.E. Liban’s mission has been to raise awareness among Lebanese youth of the principles of public health and sustainable development, to promote the importance of peace, and to educate the youth on how to preserve natural resources through singing, lectures and training of trainers, as well as practical projects.

Heart Talk

Through over 20 years of struggle and hard work, we have promoted environmental principles among Lebanese communities, motivated people and encouraged them to protect their national heritage and preserve their natural resources.
We are proud that we have played the key role in creating a whole generation of aware citizens and environmental activists in Lebanon.

Volunteer Opportunities

Plant – clean and improve a park – play with children
People can share the planting activities, cleaning and improving works at Baabda Forest which is the closest remaining forest to Beirut. And also they can help the animators at the forest by conducting awareness lectures and playing educational games with students and children.
When: Baabda Forest is open for public 8 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week. Main activities are always available and group activities are organized on demand.
Interest areas: Environment, Arts & Culture, Children, Community
Where: Baabda Forest
Participants: All ages, depending on the task

Teach a skill; Join an advocacy campaign
T.E.R.R.E.Liban offers the opportunity to those who have the interest to participate in advocacy campaigns aiming to defend environmental causes through protests, raising awareness, teaching skills, motivating people, etc.
Advocacy campaigns are organized according to the need and emergencies, but materials are always available to distribute.
When: Group activities are organized on demand; Advocacy campaigns are ongoing. Contact T.E.R.R.E. Liban’s to indicate your availability
Interest areas: Environment, Arts & Culture, Children, Community
Where: Beirut, Baabda (advocacy throughout Lebanon)
Participants: Youth (18-25), Adult, Senior
Skills and knowledge needed:
• General experience in animation and educational lectures
• Knowledge, competence or expertise in any environmental matters
• Experience in advocacy campaigns.
Commitment: See previous volunteer opportunity

YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association)

The Young Women’s Christian Association is the oldest volunteer organization in Lebanon to address challenges facing women. It has been active since the beginning of the 20th century in developing the leadership and collective power of women and girls, to achieve justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and a sustainable environment for all people.
It values the collective power of women and girls, through self determination in all areas of life: leadership which improves the status of women, full participation of young women at all decision levels, and a life without violence for all.
The Beirut YWCA is a member of the National Council of the
Lebanon YWCA, which currently includes nine branches in different regions of Lebanon. It is a distinctive forum for the discussion of women’s issues and has a multi dimensional program strategy that includes several projects and activities: a Technical College, a Hostel for girls, a Support Center for Women, a Cultural Center, leadership and vocational training programs for women, several community outreach activities, and a number of social advocacy issues.

Heart Talk

When I think of YWCA the first thing that comes to mind is the power of volunteerism. YWCA is a movement established by volunteers. It is the Generations of Women who worked very hard to keep this Association going and flourishing in Lebanon since 1900. It is a platform from which women have raised their voices and discovered that the collective power of women is capable of improving the world. It is the place to be, if you want to grow, develop your potential, make new friends and most importantly make a difference in the community.

Volunteer Opportunity

Website Development
The volunteer will have the opportunity to assist the YWCA administration in designing and developing a new website.
The volunteer could be creative and innovative in his/ her ideas.
When: Flexible in accordance to office hours- 9:00am to 3:00pm
Duration: Depends on the time needed. Could be 2 to three visits, though much of the work could be done as a virtual volunteer (online).
Interest areas: Women’s Empowerment
Where: Beirut
Participants: Youth, Adult, Senior
Skills and knowledge needed: Expert in web development and design
Commitment: the volunteer should commit to a minimum of 6 hours of work
What you can bring: Children’s toys, things related to the activity the volunteers will do.