Carelle Bassil

Carelle Bassil

sc-shortcode-cleaner-clean-content-end–>Ms. Bassil is a Fifth year PhD candidate at the University of Poitiers in France. Her research is about the effects of digital communication on corporate communication strategies and the internationalization of local products, taking the wine industry as case study. Prior to joining the School of Professional Studies at Columbia, Ms. Bassil was appointed as a Visiting Research Scholar at the Marketing Department of Columbia Business School.

Ms. Bassil has extensive experience teaching Communication courses at several leading universities in Lebanon in the following fields of study: Public Relations, Advertising, Corporate Communication, Conflict Resolution, Event Management and Media Ethics. By taking courses and conducting research in Italy, France, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Denmark and USA, she gained an international academic exposure.

Before starting her academic career, she worked for a privately owned Lebanese firm that designs high‐ end handicraft products, where she was responsible for building and implementing the communication and marketing strategy to expand the company’s penetration into new markets, including France, UK, Canada and the Gulf region.

Ms. Bassil holds two masters degrees, one in Corporate Communication and Public Relations from the Lebanese University and a second one in Peace and Sustainable Development from the Sapienza University in Rome. She is fluent in English, French and Arabic and works as a freelance journalist for a couple of cultural platforms as well. sc-shortcode-cleaner-clean-content-end–> sc-shortcode-cleaner-clean-content-end–>

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