Sandra Whitehead

Sandra Whitehead

Sandra Whitehead is a journalist, author and educator. As a journalist in the United States for more than 20 years, she has been recognized with national and regional awards. She is also the author of Lebanese Americans, published by Marshall Cavendish, New York.

She teaches journalism at Marquette University in the United States, where she is a Center for Peacemaking Faculty Scholar and faculty participant in the Marquette Democracy Project. Her research interests include the use of literary journalism in cross cultural/international reporting, international collaborative online learning, peace journalism and the media’s role in war and peace. She is engaged in developing internationally collaborative online journalism education between Marquette University and universities in Lebanon and around the world.

Sandra taught in Lebanon for seven years at Rafik Hariri University, where she was also chair of the Language and Humanities Department.

She is blessed with a loving family – her husband Abdulaziz Aleiou and three children, Ali, Aisha and Adam.

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