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Monday, October 21, 2019

HOME Magazine promotes Lebanon. We encourage local talent, businesses and realized dreams, all of which Lebanon has in abundance. HOME Magazine is the go-to magazine for all the people living in Lebanon, the Lebanese diaspora who live abroad, and all those who come to visit. Read about heritage, fashion, culture, entrepreneurship, beauty, food, family, the “giving back side of life” including volunteering opportunities and corporate social impact. HOME Magazine gives voice to the Lebanese diaspora and connects them with their country of origin. We provide a platform for writers and non-writers alike, meaning each issue is filled with stories from the heart, stories about the old and the new. HOME Magazine captures and celebrates the essence if inspirational Lebanese people doing amazing things in their lives.


“Votre Maison ne sera pas une ancre, mais un mât »

“بيتكم لن يكون مرساة وثكنة سيكون شراع”

“Let your HOME be your mast and not your anchor”

~Gibran Khalil Gibran