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Monday, October 21, 2019
SECTIONS Business Vocation & Entrepreneurship

Business Vocation & Entrepreneurship

Catch the Lebanese entrepreneurial spirit. Learn from the savvy business minds in leading positions worldwide.

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Startups and SMEs: The Way to Go in Lebanon

Lebanon is at an economic crossroads. The internal political stalemate and the perverse regional impact on its economy and business climate have taken a heavy toll on the country in the past few years,...
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Dr. Dima Jamali: Breaking Into the Fortress of the Parliament

Dr. Dima Jamali is a woman of many hats and her diverse list of accomplishments stands as a testament to her professional versatility. Since victoriously winning a seat in the 2018 parliamentary election, she has...
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The Brand Master Alexis Nasard

Alexis Nasard is chief executive officer of the world’s largest footwear and accessory brand based on volume of sales — with 30,000 employees worldwide, 23 manufacturing facilities, 5,300 retail stories and operating in more than 70 countries. While...
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Soaring Startups: Lebanese Entrepreneurs Win Support, Recognition and Respect

Some say the Lebanese are natural entrepreneurs. Success stories are plentiful. Here’s a sample of some Lebanese-owned startups that have recently earned the spotlight. Modeo Modeo is a startup that allows customers to use a mobile...

And Then Suddenly I Jumped!

Photo by Gaëlle Vuillaume Entrepreneurship, en•tre•pre•neur•ship äntrəprəˈnərˌSHip/ noun: the activity of setting up a business and taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. One day, a very well-intentioned financial advisor asked me about my “risk level.”...