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Anna Cecilia Juri Feghali

Guest Writer / Author

Originally from Colombia, Ana Cecilia Juri Feghali is a tourist and cultural guide, accredited by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Lebanon. She has an experience in the development and editing of articles for “HOME Magazine”, dedicated to the life and work of eminent figures of Colombia, with Lebanese ancestry. Ana was interviewed on various occasions by MARIAM TV, on Colombian culture with the title: “A Colombian abroad, representing my country”.

Latest Articles

Rose Marie Saab: A Front-Runner in the Colombian Oil and Gas Sector

Rose Marie Saab, president of Independence Drilling, a successful oil services company based in Bogota, with annual revenues more than $100 million, is one...

Nayib Neme: Steering a Colombian Company to a Worldwide Success

Nayib Neme Arango, president of Chaid Neme Hermanos, S.A., heads one of the most powerful industrial groups in Colombia. His story started in Lebanon. Nayib Neme Arango’s tale...

Secrets of Accidental Chef Nancy Abirached Zarzur

Although she never stepped foot in a culinary school, Nancy Abirached Zarzur is gaining a reputation in greater Sydney as an excellent chef. In 2004,...

How to Negotiate Like a Phoenician and Other Lessons from a Master: An Interview with Habib Chamoun-Nicolas, PH.D.

  For three decades, Lebanese Mexican Habib Chamoun-Nicolas, Ph.D., has engaged in negotiation and business development activities in diversified sectors — oil and gas, petroleum,...

Neurosurgeon Fernando Hakim and the Hakim Valve: A Great Family Legacy

  Dr Fernando Hakim is following the lead of his father Salomón Hakim, who discovered normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) and developed the Hakim valve as...


Eduardo Fleitas Amir is an outstanding Uruguayan tenor singer, descended from Lebanese immigrants, from the region of Tripoli. The tenor is coming to...