12 NYC Lebanese Restaurants for When You’re HOMEsick

naya restaurant

In the middle New York City’s chaos—the traffic, the tourists, the skyscrapers, the cold—it’s almost easy to get homesick; to long for Gemmayze’s bar scene, Hamra’s delicious late night spots, Byblos’s serene port, and teta’s cooking. Since hopping on a plane and flying to Beirut is not always the most feasible option, fishing for authentic […]

À Table in Beirut with 3-Star Michelin Chef Christophe Bacquié

Black and white face portrait of a man with black hair

Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan “Winning was like being shot out to a whole other galaxy,” says Christophe Bacquié. Since receiving his third Michelin star, Bacquié joined the elite force of the culinary world. Ranked among the top 30 chefs worldwide, he runs an eponymous restaurant in Hotel du Castellet that attracts food enthusiasts […]

Top 10 Cafes in Beirut: Places to Chill, Chat, and Chow

Interior space with chairs and tables

Visiting coffee shops in Lebanon isn’t just your regular in-and-out trip for a quick caffeine fix. It’s a hobby, a culture, a lifestyle. Coffee shops provide a refuge from the daily grind and chaos of the city. They fill up at all hours of the day and night, leading many to keep their door open […]

Man of Many Hats: Chef Hussein Hadid

A smiling man wearing a white coat

Photos by: George Sahyoun Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief: Patricia Bitar Cherfan Chef Hussein Hadid, winner of the Prix du Chef de l’Avenir by l’Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie, is a Lebanese chef most known for his passion for flavors and innovation. The love for food came early in Hadid’s life. “I was very skinny and used […]

OFFRE JOIE The Joy of Giving

sheikh and priests standing next to each others while holding the a paper with ebanese flag and the lebanese flag all around

Founded in 1985 by lawyer Dr. Melhem Emile Khalaf, Offre Joie is an independent Lebanese non-governmental humanitarian organization. Q & A with Offre Joie What is the vision of Offre Joie? Offre Joie started during the Civil War, when some of us realized we had to do something to counter the conflict. The best way […]