Yalda Younes: Seeking Stillness in the City of Action

Black and white picture of woman lying on mat floor with microphone in room and crowd behind her

Part yoga student, part flamenco dancer, and all-around bewitching person, Yalda Younes has studied her crafts in India and Spain, and now has a flourishing business and creative practice as a yoga teacher and performer here in Beirut. Her most recent dance performance, “A Universe Not Made for Us,” is a collaboration with her husband, […]

How to Protect Yourself from Autoimmune Diseases Through a Healthy Diet

Fruits, vegetables and seeds

Having a deficiency in just one of six important nutrients is enough to put an immune system at risk. A deficiency can begin by attacking a body, exhibiting minor symptoms before escalating to a full-blown autoimmune disease. If you are diagnosed or even suspect such a diagnosis, you must check whether infections, toxins, and/or stress […]

Pole Dance in Lebanon: From a Workout Trend to a Lasting Community

Four women stretching in the dark

Essentially known as a discipline that combines dance and acrobatics, pole dance has been a noteworthy workout trend within the Lebanese community for the past few years, garnering a following of dedicated practitioners from all ages and backgrounds. But the physical activity component is only the tip of iceberg, as pole dance has gradually shifted […]

A Tale of Two Lebanons

a tale of two lebanons with a tree one in a bad condition and the other part in a greenery and sunny condition

A century ago, famed Lebanese poet Gebran Khalil Gebran wrote, “You have your Lebanon and I have my Lebanon.” His words still ring true, as seemingly two Lebanons have emerged. One is the old Lebanon—still living in its shadowy past, where the nation is split among populations, geographies, sects and classes. With senseless wars and […]

The Secret of Eternal Youth: Nora Sabbagh

Old woman smiling on a chair

For many of us, old age appears like a blip on the horizon, an inevitable part of the human condition that always seems further than it actually is. Yet when we are reminded of its eventual toll, a constellation of anxieties cluster together. Fears about how age will take a toll on our well-being, autonomy […]

Riding the Wave with Karim and Ali

Man surfing a wave and blue sky

Photo by Mohamad Chehimi Like a wave, Lebanon has observed the slow and steady rise of surfing over the last two decades. In order to better understand this phenomenon, I sat down with Ali El Amine and Karim Flouti — two people who have been dedicated to the sport since their teenage years. El Amine […]