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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bringing Lights to Lebanese Towns

Zahleh, Joseph Tohmé Skaff Foundation Zahleh, Joseph Tohmé Skaff Foundation Zahleh Decoration is much more than ornaments and knick knacks. Especially in Lebanon, Christmas decoration of towns and villages is a message of hope, of beauty, of the possibility...
Teenage girls wearing Christmas hats

The Spoiling Epidemic of Christmas: How to Avoid Spoiling Kids at Christmas

Photos by: Chocolate Fine Art Photography How many gifts are you going to have under your Christmas tree this year? Ten? Twenty? Thirty or more? Parents are in a dilemma this time of year as...
Elegant old woman with sunglasses and suit

Mature Street Style

In every issue, HOME MAGAZINE will spot the real people of the city, the men and women who keep the flame of elegance alive. The ones who taught us about style and fashion way before...
Home Christmas decoration

Lebanese HOMES

HOME Magazine is about our bigger HOME, our country, our planet. But there is also this HOME that we take care of, this space where we raise our families and grow our love stories. In...
Woman with Christmas tree in background

But What Is HOME? HOME Is Where the Heart Is

What if your heart is in two places? Home and Christmas are so synonymous and yet, for some, these two words don’t seem to fit in the same sentence. As I write this in...