An-Nahar: Where History Lives

Photo essay by Aia Dakdouk and Sandra Whitehead An-Nahar, one of Lebanon’s most influential daily newspapers, is 85 years old. It is considered Lebanon’s “paper of record.” American- British author and journalist Charles Glass, who specializes in the Middle East, called An-Nahar “Lebanon’s New York Times.” Its archives’ tagline is: “The memory of Lebanon and the Arab world since […]

Pick-Up Football in Tyre: Where the Game Never Grows Old

Photos by: Aia Dakdouk An informal football club has been playing together for 37 years. Twice a week – through weddings, funerals, graduations, war and invasions, 25 or so men, ranging in age from 40 to 68, gather on a field in Tyre to play football. Most are from Tyre or nearby – Ain Baal, […]