Cherine Magrabi Tayeb: Building Up Lebanese Design Talent with Her Unique Creative Hub

Blond woman in black attire and sandals sitting on a pouf chair

How House of Today is putting Lebanon’s design sense on the map. Cherine Magrabi Tayeb is an astute businesswoman and a steadfast supporter of Lebanese designers. She launched House of Today, a non-profit design platform in 2012, to nurture Lebanese talent through a number of programs and scholarships. During House of Today’s recent exhibition in […]

Tripoli’s Little Artists: Kun Ensen’s Peacebuilding Project

Sadika Kebbi founded the nonprofit Kun Ensen (Being Human), teaching youth to express themselves through art and public speaking, but the bigger agenda is peacebuilding. Driving up to Tripoli, I’m thinking about the unique Sadika Kebbi and what she’s up to today – her Little Picasso Project. On this gray afternoon in early spring, the […]