Bringing Alsace to Lebanon

a green view with several houses trees and blue sky

  Besides their gorgeous mountainous landscapes, renowned wine routes and rich cultural heritage, Lebanon and France’s historical northeastern region of Alsace share the same convivial spirit and unquenchable love for life. Article by: Christina Fakhry With 80,000 Alsatian expats scattered across the world today, those residing in Lebanon have come to establish their own association, […]

Dualities: Engineer By Day, Actor By Night – Mohammad N. Elbsat Explores His Potential

  A principal engineer in a multinational corporation by day, a professional actor by night, Mohammad N. ElBsat leads two lives simultaneously. Article by: Hailey Danielle Photo by: Matt J. Asmus In 2006, Mohammad N. ElBsat traveled from Saida, Lebanon, to the Midwest United States for graduate studies in electrical engineering at Marquette University. Soon […]

Ghassan Korban: Milwaukee’s City Commissioner

  Ghassan Korban says he carries Lebanon in his heart. He’s deeply affected by both Lebanon’s nature and culture, which led him to become a public servant. He wants to make a change and enrich people’s lives. Interviewed by Hailey Richards, a 20-year-old journalism student at Marquette University, a prominent Jesuit university located in the […]

Leanne Manas: A Lebanese Tigress in South Africa

  She was voted one of South Africa’s Most Awesome Women in Cosmopolitan magazine and won the People magazine Crystal Award for Best Female TV Presenter in Africa for three years running. Multi award-winning TV presenter, radio host, MC and style icon, Leanne Manas is a one-of-a-kind person. And such a personality! She reveals herself […]

John McCarthy: Our Unexpected Ambassador in Geneva

  Advised by his father to learn Arabic, American-Irish John McCarthy fell in love with the language, and with Lebanon from the first time he visited in the summer of 1964. McCarthy has been writing short stories in Arabic since 2015. Lebanon has three ambassadors in Switzerland. One ambassador in Bern, one permanent representative to […]