How to Protect Yourself from Autoimmune Diseases Through a Healthy Diet

Fruits, vegetables and seeds

Having a deficiency in just one of six important nutrients is enough to put an immune system at risk. A deficiency can begin by attacking a body, exhibiting minor symptoms before escalating to a full-blown autoimmune disease. If you are diagnosed or even suspect such a diagnosis, you must check whether infections, toxins, and/or stress […]

The Secret of Eternal Youth: Nora Sabbagh

Old woman smiling on a chair

For many of us, old age appears like a blip on the horizon, an inevitable part of the human condition that always seems further than it actually is. Yet when we are reminded of its eventual toll, a constellation of anxieties cluster together. Fears about how age will take a toll on our well-being, autonomy […]

An Apple A Day

Illustration of a woman sitting on a table with a plate that contains a green circled object

Maybe I will be enough if I could just lose weight. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so we have all often been told. Vitamin C boosts the immune system, phenols reduce cholesterol. Twenty-two grams of complex carbohydrates. No fat, sodium, or tooth decay. Most importantly, an apple a day is the perfect […]

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Illustration of human head made of blue metal round objects

What is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s? There is a lot of confusion in people’s minds between dementia and Alzheimer’s. Some people think that one occurs in old age while the other at a young age. Some people think that it is the same; some others think that one has to do with memory […]

A Loving Case by a Young Lebanese

“كلنا للوطن” title in red

I spent the first decade and a half of my life on the move — rather typical of a Lebanese expat. Born outside of Lebanon, I grew up in Mediterranean coastal countries and the Persian Gulf. My mum’s take on things was: If Dad needed to move for work, we went with him. Bottom line: […]

23 Years of Touching Hearts and Minds: Najla Hamati of Collège Louise Wegmann

Kids raising hands in classroom with teacher in background

Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief Holding children by the hand Collège Louise Wegmann teacher Najla Nasser Hamati is Lebanon’s answer to Robin Williams’ much celebrated character in Dead Poets Society: inspiring, unconventional, and lovable. She approaches teaching with love and her students with the type of respect that leaves an indelible mark for life. […]