Sofar Sounds Beirut: A Secret Music Experience

Man performing on stage with crowd and buildings and lights behind him

Sofar Sounds is a secret music initiative that is perfected down to the last detail, weaving a magical melodic night, from the intimacy factor to the listening experience. In celebration of Sofar’s 10th anniversary, they held a show at Feel22’s building rooftop in Jisr el-Wati on May 12. The 22nd show overlooked Beirut by night […]

Dar al Mussawir: What’s in an Image?

Cameras on shelves

Transmit a memory. Transform a moment. Capture some part of reality. These elements are the essence of photography, but how is an image projected and received by an audience? And what can we understand from these snapshots? Beirut-based Dar al Mussawir is one of the foremost photography spaces in Lebanon and the Middle East whose […]

Ramy Boutros: Designing Spaces His Way

Young man wearing black clothes smiling and sitting on chair

With a client portfolio that spans some of the most well-known hospitality brands and restaurants in Lebanon and the Gulf region (Em Sherif, Villa Clara, Numero Six, Fred Bistro and Kateh, to name a few) and countless residential HOMEs, Ramy Boutros has made a name for himself as an interior architect His success can be […]