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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
a book with a picture of people and the word America

The Dream of Coming HOME

Marta Haddad’s dream of coming HOME remained unfulfilled. With only a bag full of courage, hope and love Marta Haddad boarded a boat in Beirut , making a long and perilous voyage to France and...
sheikh and priests standing next to each others while holding the a paper with ebanese flag and the lebanese flag all around

OFFRE JOIE The Joy of Giving

Founded in 1985 by lawyer Dr. Melhem Emile Khalaf, Offre Joie is an independent Lebanese non-governmental humanitarian organization. Q & A with Offre Joie What is the vision of Offre Joie? Offre Joie started during the Civil...
a women with a blue shirt and a man with a green shirt with their hands dancing while the man bending

BIPOD a Contemporary Art Form

The 12th edition of BIPOD gathered artists from around the world who gave spectacular performances at the Madina Theatre. Dance as Robert Frost would say is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire. It is...
a girl wearing black with a cello in front of her with a hand towards it and the other a little far

Jana Semaan:The Lebanese Cellist in Germany

“For us musicians, being a musician is not a job, it is a way of life,” says Jana Semaan. To be a musician, you must have passion, determination and the courage to fight for your...


To live far away from one’s country is not an easy thing, even if we think that the grass is always greener on the other side. Zeina Sawaya Marion expresses her nostalgic feeling towards...