Everything is a Blessing

Everything is a Blessing

It took one year of deep thinking for Sister Marana to decide to leave her studies, her family home, and the usual career aspirations to follow a path she knows, at least for her, was the right one to take.

At the age of 19, Soeur Marana, decided that she would be a nun. She embarked on a lifetime spiritual journey.

“Take Christmas for example, people rush for gifts, decorations, new clothes, more bling bling…but what about the true meaning of Christmas? The act of giving, of sharing, of remembering those in need?”, she asked without any judgmental thoughts, but with a little pinch in her heart.

Soeur Marana holds a PhD in Monastic Theology from St. Anselm’s University in Rome. She also studied Choral Conducting at the Institute of Sacred Music in Rome with Maestro Walter Marzilli.

“The true question” Soeur Marana asks, “are we progressing as individuals towards more humanity? Because the progress of one leads to the progress of the whole community. We read less, we pray less, we love each other less…while Christmas is the celebration of love, of building bridges with one another, friendships, and tolerance.”

Soeur Marana says that people often think of Christmas as mainly for children. “It’s true because children are innocent, happy, forgiving… as we all should be.”

The role of the family is dear to Soeur Marana’s heart. “Motherhood is a vocation, and each woman should look deep within to decide if she is ready for such a challenging role. She can be the most successful businesswoman in her entourage, but being a mother is different. It is building a new society on the right values,” and she adds, “My role model, my ideal figure is my mother; a strong woman who keeps smiling despite pain.”

“Pain is the cross we hold. And sometimes, when we overcome pain, we gain tremendous power. Take for example a cancer patient. You notice that he or she is stronger than their family although they are the one in pain. Because strength is much more spiritual than it is physical.”

Soeur Marana founded and is now directing Sainte Rafqa’s Institute of Music, where she teaches and conducts Saint Rafqa’s Choir. She is a Theology instructor at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik and Antonine University in Lebanon as well.

Soeur Marana is also the author of theological and musical texts and composer of several religious chants and CDs.

“Everything is a blessing” Soeur Marana says. “We are the people of the resurrection, and no matter what happens we should stand up again.”