Introducing Your Kid To The Art of Dance

Introducing Your Kid To The Art of Dance


Looking for an activity for your children? Why not try sending them to dance class? Get your dancing feet ready to jeté through our rundown of dance schools in Lebanon.

Studio Arabesque
Studio Arabesque is known to be one of the oldest dance schools in Lebanon. Founded by classical ballet instructor Dolly Sfeir over 31 years ago, the studio offers quality dance training in a variety of genres including classical ballet, jazz and hip-hop.
• Address: Ghadir, Jounieh
• Phone: 09-934-479

Beirut Dance Studio
Following years of training and a flourishing dance career in Europe, Lebanese dancer Nada Kano moved back to Beirut in 2002 and established the Beirut Dance Studio in 2007, with an aim to deliver formal classical ballet training to young dancers who aspire to reach a professional level.
• Address: Corniche al-Nahr, Victoria Building
• Phone: 01-426-869

Caracalla Dance School
Emerging from the admirable legacy of Caracalla Dance Theatre, the Caracalla Dance School earned recognition as a beacon of excellence in dance education with its cultural heritage and unique “Style Caracalla” dance style. Founded by Abdel-Halim Caracalla and perpetuated by his daughter Elissar, the school offers professional training in a wide range of techniques including folklore, jazz, contemporary, classical ballet and creative movement for children.
• Address: Sin el-Fil, Ivoire Center
• Phone: 01-499-904/03-733-800


Khanito Dance Academy
Founded by and named after renowned Lebanese dancer and President of the Lebanese DanceSport Federation Khanito, Khanito Dance Academy is the hub of Latin and ballroom, teaching salsa, samba, tango, bachata, waltz and foxtrot, among others.
• Address: Zalka Highway, Le Baron Center, Block A
• Phone: 01-878-584

Al Sarab Alternative Dance School
Established by Lebanese dancer and choreographer Nadra Assaf, Al Sarab seeks to form well-rounded dancers who are able to execute all styles of dance skillfully. In addition to its multidisciplinary classes, the school offers training in ballroom, hip-hop, classical ballet and gymnastics.
• Address: Byblos, Voie 13, Al-Harf Center
• Phone: 71-108-271

Art & Movement Dance School
After studying classical ballet in Lebanon and perfecting her dance technique in Paris, renowned Lebanese dancer Alice Massabki founded her own dance studio Art & Movement in 1984, where she currently teaches and choreographs along with her daughter Caroline Hatem. The school provides students with training in ballet, contemporary and hip-hop.
• Address: Jal al-Dib, La Plaza Center, Block A
• Phone: 04-711-536/03-662-600

Moves Dance Studio
Launched in 2005 by dancer and Caracalla Dance Theater alumna Rita Hachem, Moves Dance Studio boasts one of the largest dance facilities in the country. Available classes include classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, hip-hop, Latin and Oriental.
• Address: Jbeil-Beirut Highway
• Phone: 09-795-699/70-205-106


Steps Performing Arts Studio
Launched in September 2012, Steps is a community of artists committed to the cultivation of individuality in dancing and performing arts. In addition to ballet, contemporary, jazz, salsa and hip-hop, the studio distinguished itself by offering formal dance training in tap, Broadway and burlesque.
• Address: Zouk Mosbeh, Al-Centro Building, Block B
• Phone: 71-052-057

Arthur Murray Lebanon
Part of the Arthur Murray dance studio franchise, the studio specializes in ballroom and Latin techniques, featuring everything from salsa, tango, rumba and cha-cha to foxtrot, quickstep, Viennese waltz and jive.
• Address: Zalka Main Road, Al-Plaza 323 Center
• Phone: 01-888-662/78-888-662

Makriss Dance Ministry
Launched by hip-hop choreographer Charles Makriss in 2009, Makriss Dance Ministry established itself as one of the first street dance schools in Lebanon, offering training in hip-hop, breaking, street jazz, salsa and belly dance.
• Address: Sin el-Fil, Freeway Center
• Phone: 70-378-737/o1-501-737

Tribe Dance Mission
Offering classes in an array of dance styles such as pre-ballet, classical ballet, funky jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and Latin, Tribe Dance Mission paves the way for young dancers to express themselves and develop their creative potential through movement.
• Address: Adma, next to SABIS School
• Phone: 03-349-147

Lebanon Dance Academy
Established by Ivan Samaha in 2004, Lebanon Dance Academy primarily delivers a wide range of ballroom & Latin classes, in addition to other dance genres such as rhythmic gymnastics, jazz, hip-hop and folk dance (dabkeh).
• Address: Dekwaneh, Cosmopolitan Hotel, The Private Club
• Phone: 03-872-013/01-511-894


Maya School of Arts
Founded by Lebanese artist Maya Nehme in the city of Tyre, the school teaches a number of dance genres including hip-hop, jazz and ballet, in addition to gymnastics and yoga. The curriculum also includes acting, painting and karate classes.
• Address: Tyre
• Phone: 03-324-655