From the Editor

HOME Magazine has conquered many hearts since it first appeared one year ago.  We are overwhelmed and thankful with the way you have embraced this magazine and developed the highest expectations from it. You heard our new voice and you admired our difference.

HOME Magazine is one of a kind. The concept of HOME Magazine – to promote our identity and nationality through a platform that covers everything Lebanese, from fashion to culture to heritage to business—does not exist not in Lebanon nor anywhere else in the world. Despite everything, this out-of-the-box approach talks only about “Bright Lebanon”, about people who are making a difference and about heartwarming initiatives.

You have endorsed HOME by your presence and interventions in HOME Magazine at the MIM Museum event this fall. You came from government, the corporate world (marketers, business owners, bankers and executives), the Arts scene, the fashion industry, civil society, media, journalists, activists and academics. All political parties and all parts of Lebanon were represented.

With all the stakeholders of the magazine, we are only witnessing beautiful people, inside and out, and we invite you to explore our pages to do the same.

Our editorial team and contributing writers are storytellers, introducing the new concept of citizen journalism to the country. Our content is very personal, very unique.

Our Lifestyle, Fashion and Art sections talk about luxury and beyond. And it’s not just about the latest trends, but also about the heritage and story behind them: The correlation between business, culture, giving back and social responsibility. We explore the link between the corporate and art worlds, such as in our cover story featuring one of Lebanon’s most successful bankers and most accomplished art collectors, Raymond Audi.

A very dear friend once told me that « co-naître: c’est naître de nouveau avec chaque rencontre.” There is nativity in knowing, re-birth with every encounter with every piece of knowledge. Whether it is a poetic concept or true etymology, it is just a beautiful image.

Attention is the new scarcity. When we pay attention, we can get to know each other better, admire each other and inspire each other. Let us slow down to appreciate each other, talk our differences and enjoy our similarities. The more time we put in to know each other, the less we judge one another. We move from opinion to profound knowledge to compassion. Let us cure ourselves from indifference, the disease of this century. Let us connect with each other. Let us reach across oceans and connect Lebanese in Lebanon with those abroad and vise versa. Let us ally with each other and prosper. Let us invest in creating opportunities for all. Engage and contribute.

 In our content you will have a feast of food for thought. HOME is a place where positivity thrives, where a culture of peace is nurtured.

 We invite you to read the peace in our articles and in between the lines. It takes much more courage to make peace than to make war.

 Be courageous and have a peaceful, warm and joyful winter at HOME.

Patricia Bitar Cherfan
Social Entrepreneur| Founder