My Lebanon

It’s frustrating to see that a lot of Lebanese have forgotten our values!

They have given up on us as being just good people no matter how much pain we have caused and still do to each other! We can never lose what we really are at the end of the day, nice people!

I can only say to those who criticize Lebanese for their odd behavior sometimes, their “show off” talent, their bad driving, their lack of respect to each others’ opinions etc.…
”Yes we are all of that and have many flaws” but then again who doesn’t?
To those, I also say, while I agree with them: “Live abroad and then judge for yourself what life can be.” Most people in Lebanon would gladly pick you up if you were ever mugged right in front of their eyes.

If you need a dime to make a desperate phone call, those same people will definitely give you some change.
And if you are missing few dollars to get back home, they will not hesitate to offer it to you or even better drive you themselves! And if you happen to have lost your purse, the one who will find it will return it and invite you humbly to their home for coffee.
Of course, there are good people everywhere in the world, but I am talking about everyday life. To the ones who haven’t lived abroad, stop wishing for it regardless of how life has become economically and politically challenging in Lebanon. We are talking about social manners here. You’ll still find those in your homeland, no matter how bad it has become in
Lebanon, no matter how corrupted some or many people have become; let’s not generalize. No people of any country or land are or will ever be perfect. Just scratch the surface of anyone next to you and you’ll know… we are still good people!!