Rhymes Vibrant Love

As the universe aspired to unite us in one day
It also conspired to separate us in every way

How sweet was the taste of your lips on mine
How delicate was your face so fine

It was one moment in heaven’s splendor
The gates opened wide to receive our Savior
Pleading with our Creator for more time
We showed him our love as if in a mime

Our hearts beating in unison did not suffice
Our souls were meant to separate thrice
You loved me but knew not why
All your premises turned into a lie

The universe gave me one day
To live and dream in another way
What it offered you I have yet to discover
A lesson in passion. a beautiful lover…

Cried I did tears of loss even before I knew
That our love was overdue
Wept I did on my pillow day and night
As close as you were. I was awaiting your flight

As I look back upon fate
I wonder why it came so late
A wave slowly retreating into the ocean
Only to break thirstily on lost passion

My awareness has taken over this shipwreck
I have surrendered my all to it in a sunlight’s fleck
I dreamt of the sun’s reflection on your face
But the universe has transported it to another place

Wise words enveloped me in slumber
Bathing my despair in an answer
If you love her. then simply love her
If you miss her. then simply miss her

With no expectations. my spirit was set free
To roam in different universes and to be
My love is mine as vibrant and alive as ever
To share the world with. even after I am no more.