Beirut Art Fair, Across Boundaries

Exhibition space

Tarek Nahas, curator of the BEIRUT ART FAIR’S exhibition entirely devoted to Lebanese photography, summarizes the motivation behind his efforts for his showcase Across Boundaries: “The core, the heart of this initiative, is to bring to the general public what the public institution cannot.” Nahas, with BEIRUT ART FAIR as the means, was a pioneer […]

HOME’s VIP Lounge: A Statement in Digital Art

At the center of the Beirut Art and Design Fairs, HOME’s VIP Lounge was itself a statement of art. Cars lined up bumper to bumper, some waiting more than an hour on the drive into the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center, the huge modern hall between Beirut’s Downtown and the seafront. It was September […]

Barrak Naamani: The Tailor & The Artist

  Barrak Naamani became a tailor – taking over his family business in 2009 – after he left a lucrative advertising career in the Gulf. Today his workshop and showroom space in the heart of Hamra in Beirut specializes in bespoke shirts and suits, but Naamani has also become known in his neighborhood and beyond […]

The Art of Viewing: Beirut Art Fair 2016

  The seventh edition of the Beirut Art Fair (BAF) opened its doors to the public for three days in September, presenting over forty galleries from the MENASA region and beyond, as well as other attractions. Over 23,000 visitors came to BIEL to experience the artworks on display. Diverging from last year’s art fair which […]