OFFRE JOIE The Joy of Giving

sheikh and priests standing next to each others while holding the a paper with ebanese flag and the lebanese flag all around

Founded in 1985 by lawyer Dr. Melhem Emile Khalaf, Offre Joie is an independent Lebanese non-governmental humanitarian organization. Q & A with Offre Joie What is the vision of Offre Joie? Offre Joie started during the Civil War, when some of us realized we had to do something to counter the conflict. The best way […]

Bed and Breakfast: Showcasing the Authentic Lebanon

  The provision of Bed & Breakfast is a rising trend in Lebanon. It offers tourists, or even locals, a glimpse of the country’s exceptional culinary, historical and social heritage. Photos by: Natheer Halawani, Diaa Arfan, Rene Schulthoff, Leia Gorra and Paul Gorra, One of the most unique things about Lebanon is its distinct human […]

Ambassador Alex Lenaerts: About Our Small, Beautiful Countries

  HOME sat down with Alex Lenaerts, Belgian Ambassador to Lebanon and Consul General in Syria, to discuss his impressions of the country: books, music and the environment. Naturally, it would be impossible to ignore the similarities between our two countries and their all-important aspect: small is beautiful. Photos by: Elie Nohra You chose Lebanon […]

Hermel: Archeology and History of the Region

   Stories heard about Hermel in the news might give us a false idea about the region; in fact, it has numerous archeological treasures. “Oct. 21, 2016 | 09:57 AM Lebanese Army conducts wide security operation in Hermel Jan. 18, 2017 | 09:56 AM Lebanese Army closes illegal border crossings in Hermel Feb. 24, 2017 […]

Spice Up Winter in Lebanon with Snowshoeing

  Just picture yourself walking on a blanket of freshly fallen snow and the air feels so fresh you want to inhale for as long as possible. The only sound, other than the gentle crunching of snow made by your feet, is the chirping of birds above. Enjoying a spectacular snow-covered terrain while getting a […]

Mark AbouZeid Explores the Roots of His Past

A visual storyteller, photojournalist, and a father; Mark Abouzeid is not only a land explorer who went to the North Pole, Mount Fuji and who lived with the Bedouins in the desert; but also  an  explorer of culture and of the self. Abouzeid is inspired by sailing across the seas and across the oceans that […]