Arts and Renaissance School: Art As A Family Affair

Three women painting

Lebanon offers a plethora of art schools but very few specialize in the art of teaching the fundamentals of technique, one that meticulously guides students to develop and progress their craft. One of those schools is Arts and Renaissance — a respected and established family-owned art institution that has taught thousands of art enthusiasts in […]

Tripoli’s Little Artists: Kun Ensen’s Peacebuilding Project

Sadika Kebbi founded the nonprofit Kun Ensen (Being Human), teaching youth to express themselves through art and public speaking, but the bigger agenda is peacebuilding. Driving up to Tripoli, I’m thinking about the unique Sadika Kebbi and what she’s up to today – her Little Picasso Project. On this gray afternoon in early spring, the […]

Chirine Njeim: Lebanon’s Champion – Olympic Skier to Olympic Runner

Photo by: Atanas Kan Lebanon’s first ever competitor in the Winter Olympics is one of the few athletes in the world to ever compete in both the Summer and Winter Games. Representing Lebanon in four Olympics so far, she is also the fastest woman in Lebanon, being the top Lebanese female in the past three […]

Lydia Moawad: Contemporary Artist and Painter

Pursuing her passion around the world. Sailing from the coast of Byblos, where she has painted the sea from her balcony since childhood, both Lydia Moawad and her paintings have crossed oceans and anchored themselves in major cities across the world – New York and Milan, Dubai and Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. She has […]

Tripoli Special Economic Zone

  Tripoli’s special economic zone makes it a potential economic hub if an upgraded socioeconomic infrastructure is put in place. Article by: Varouj Tenbelian Tripoli, the capital of the North of Lebanon, is the second biggest and second most populated city in the country after Beirut. Though it borders the second largest port in the […]

L’armoire de Lana: The Blogger with the Open Closet

  Lana Sahely’s wardrobe is filled with style and business acumen in equal measure. Photos by: Hana Le Van Lana Sahely is a self-described “moody Aries/Pisces full of passion for life.” She is also an Economics and Political Studies graduate from the American University of Beirut (AUB) who has opened her personal closet to the […]