Arts and Renaissance School: Art As A Family Affair

Three women painting

Lebanon offers a plethora of art schools but very few specialize in the art of teaching the fundamentals of technique, one that meticulously guides students to develop and progress their craft. One of those schools is Arts and Renaissance — a respected and established family-owned art institution that has taught thousands of art enthusiasts in […]

Bringing Alsace to Lebanon

a green view with several houses trees and blue sky

  Besides their gorgeous mountainous landscapes, renowned wine routes and rich cultural heritage, Lebanon and France’s historical northeastern region of Alsace share the same convivial spirit and unquenchable love for life. Article by: Christina Fakhry With 80,000 Alsatian expats scattered across the world today, those residing in Lebanon have come to establish their own association, […]

In the Time of the Mulberry

New book explores Lebanon’s 19th century silk industry, religious taboos and the struggle of women. 19th century Lebanon was not so vastly different from the country we all know and love today. Lebanon has always had an air of resilience about it, an ability to brush the dust off its shoulders and carry on. British-born author […]

The Art of Cruising on the Med

For those who prefer to travel by sea, Lebanon offers beautiful ports with full-service options for yachters. During the summer season, when many boat owners take their pleasure crafts out in the Mediterranean waters, Lebanon’s harbors become a hive of activity. One such busy marina on Beirut’s iconic coast is Zaitunay Bay. Known officially as […]

Dualities: Engineer By Day, Actor By Night – Mohammad N. Elbsat Explores His Potential

  A principal engineer in a multinational corporation by day, a professional actor by night, Mohammad N. ElBsat leads two lives simultaneously. Article by: Hailey Danielle Photo by: Matt J. Asmus In 2006, Mohammad N. ElBsat traveled from Saida, Lebanon, to the Midwest United States for graduate studies in electrical engineering at Marquette University. Soon […]