The Three Brothers: Lebanese Gin Pioneers

The Three Brothers in writing and drawing

Lebanon’s rich botanical variety makes it an ideal candidate for gin production. However, the Lebanese were apparently the last to know it. Anyone thirsty for a sip could only quench their craving with imported gin. In a wise entrepreneurial move, The Three Brothers spearheaded the first wave of locally-produced gin, distilling and macerating their artisanal […]

HOME’s VIP Lounge: A Statement in Digital Art

At the center of the Beirut Art and Design Fairs, HOME’s VIP Lounge was itself a statement of art. Cars lined up bumper to bumper, some waiting more than an hour on the drive into the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center, the huge modern hall between Beirut’s Downtown and the seafront. It was September […]

Essential Oils

 Discover the secret of essential oils and the countless benefits of different oils. It’s inspiring to watch the world’s recent shift towards a healthier movement. In early 2016, Lebanon witnessed several positive movements such as preserving nature, recycling initiatives and an increase in the production of organic produce. Several markets and boutiques have opted to […]