À Table in Beirut with 3-Star Michelin Chef Christophe Bacquié

Black and white face portrait of a man with black hair

Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan “Winning was like being shot out to a whole other galaxy,” says Christophe Bacquié. Since receiving his third Michelin star, Bacquié joined the elite force of the culinary world. Ranked among the top 30 chefs worldwide, he runs an eponymous restaurant in Hotel du Castellet that attracts food enthusiasts […]

Levantine Culinary Delights by Lara Ariss

  Author, food entrepreneur and chef Lara Ariss was destined to follow the culinary path. Photos by: Natalie Naccache From a young age chef Lara Ariss began helping her parents grow vegetables at the family’s farm in Sarafand, near the city of Saida, and was exposed to the process of preparing food; from learning how […]

Lebanon: A Culinary Journey

  Relocated to Lebanon in 2011 after a lifetime in the US (California and Texas). I have on occasion encountered puzzled reactions from locals followed by the query “why are you here?” stated with a frown and the obvious message that something must be wrong with me to leave paradise (the US) for Lebanon (hell). […]

Salvaging Architectural Heritage and Buiding a Dream HOME

  Henry Lucien began by coveting his ‘dream HOME’ but in the process he salvaged so much architectural heritage that he decided to open his house as a museum. Article by: Niamh Farrell Henry Lucien leads the way through the narrow streets of Beirut’s Geitawi neighborhood, speaking as he does about his passion for “traditional” […]

Waw! An Encounter with Arabesque Design

  WAW portrays an artistic image of Lebanon with its scrupulous designs. Influences from Lebanon and other Arabian countries are weaved into beautiful collections revealing the soul of Lebanon. Article by: Maryam Ghaddar On a well-known, yet quiet, street in Beirut known as Clemenceau rests a small boutique, brimming with eye-catching paraphernalia. Several vibrantly stitched […]

Sawaya & Moroni: William Sawaya Worlwide Design Pathfinder

William Sawaya, a Lebanese-global designer, and his business partner Paolo Moroni, design gurus, discuss what it takes to be a designer in the modern world. William Sawaya is undoubtedly the father of Lebanese design and the pathfinder in the design industry. In 1974, Sawaya, armed with an architecture degree from Beirut’s Institute National des Beaux […]