The Road of the Lebanese Immigrant Walter Muller Moujir

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South America is an established hotspot for the Lebanese diaspora; Argentina alone boasts 1.5 million of them. Immigration to the country began in the 19th century and has continued, fostering a bona fide bond between the Middle Eastern country and its South American counterpart. As Walter Muller Moujir, an Argentinian of Lebanese descent says, “All […]

Leila Amad Bissat: An Exceptional Travel Storyteller

  Travel writers from the Middle East are quite rare, especially when it comes to women. We are actually more familiar with the witty musings of Westerners who depict their travels in literature; from Lawrence of Arabia, Freya Stark, and Ernest Hemingway, to more recently the novels of Paul Theroux, Bill Bryson and Elizabeth Gilbert […]