An-Nahar: Where History Lives

Photo essay by Aia Dakdouk and Sandra Whitehead An-Nahar, one of Lebanon’s most influential daily newspapers, is 85 years old. It is considered Lebanon’s “paper of record.” American- British author and journalist Charles Glass, who specializes in the Middle East, called An-Nahar “Lebanon’s New York Times.” Its archives’ tagline is: “The memory of Lebanon and the Arab world since […]

Art Therapy: Healing Through Creative Expression

The growth of art therapy in Lebanon will bring benefits as long as it is done right, says therapist Myra Saad. Article by: Vivecca Chatila Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of art therapy? If you’re thinking coloring books, you’re certainly not alone. Although coloring can relieve stress […]

Playing Tourist in Beirut

Yara Zgheib shares her experience of playing tourist in Beirut. Article by: Yara Zgheib Winter in Beirut means early orange sunsets and crisp air blowing east from the sea. Just as well; it blows fresh on our backs as we race up Saint Nicholas’ Stairs. The stairs are dressed for Christmas and the New Year, […]

The Storyteller of Beirut

A night in a library in Maine inspires the creation of a vibrant tale-sharing forum. “So it’s a bit of a long story, is that OK?” Dima Mikhayel Matta asks almost apologetically. But when the person offering that story is Beirut’s pre-eminent storyteller, one doesn’t hesitate to nod enthusiastically in response. Over the past three years, Matta has initiated and […]

IDRAAC’s Labor of Love for Mental Health

  A devoted NGO works behind the scenes to build Lebanon’s mental health infrastructure – with legislation, awareness campaigns, advocacy, education, training, care services and, supporting it all, research. One in four Lebanese will have a mental illness, during their lifetime, according to a 2008 L.E.B.A.N.O.N. (Lebanese Evaluation of the Burden of Ailments and Needs […]

Joumana Haddad: Outspoken Writer Raises Her Voice In Politics

  Joumana Haddad is a Lebanese author, poet, public speaker, journalist, essayist, academic, activist, mother and polyglot (yes, she speaks seven languages), and she may soon be adding politician to her extraordinary list of roles. Article by: Alia Fawaz Joumana Haddad is a controversial figure. She is outspoken, bold and very accomplished. In an interview […]