From Tyre to Europe: The Europa Series of Banknotes

Colored money bills

Banknotes — those bills that we use on a daily basis. When accustomed to their use, we don’t need to read their value, we recognize them from their size and color at a glance. We therefore rarely take the time to really look at them and try to figure out their symbolism through what is […]

The PEN is Mightiest of All

Hand and pen

PEN Lebanon brings acclaimed international writers to promote freedom of expression to public school students. When four foreign novelists — one Dutch, one Polish, one Liberian and one Indian — pile back into a tour bus after visiting a public school in Aley, all they can talk about is how special the experience was. Indeed, out […]

Roman Temples of Mount Hermon

Photos by: Georges Jabbour Jabal el Sheikh, the “Mountain of the Chief,” the highest summit of the Anti-Lebanon range, majestically rises on the extreme southeastern border of Lebanon. Its summit reaches 2.814 meters (9.232 ft) above sea level and straddles the border between Lebanon and Syria. It is a massive, snow-capped mountain that towers above […]

HOME is not a Magazine!

I once heard the cedar tree is the same length below ground as it is above ground, and I thought back then, and still do, that this is once of the most beautiful metaphors I have ever heard. Depth No matter how light a magazine can be, as publishers and journalists, we have the responsibility […]


  Montreal is a rich and vibrant city. It is known for being the most European hub in North America. It also welcomes the largest Lebanese community in Canada, according to the latest census in the metropolitan area. It is then not surprising to learn that more than 44,000 people, of Lebanese origin, made Montreal […]