Did You Know That Now You Have Access To More Than 1000 Municipalities!

Did You Know That Now You Have Access To More Than 1000 Municipalities!

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Want access to all things municipal-related in Lebanon? The Lebanese Municipal Agenda is revealing a game-changing experience just for you!

They are about to officially launch a revolutionary online platform, translated into English, Arabic, and French which will offer all citizens information on all topics of municipalities to peruse at their leisure. It’s easy! The website aims to promote the work and benefits of over 1,000 municipalities across Lebanon using a range of resources and services.

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Founded on the passionate principles of Abir El Khoury Jbeily, whose years of experience and expertise in management of municipal affairs led her to this endeavor, the idea is to bring all municipalities together under one umbrella. It will connect them with opportunities to cooperate locally and globally, as well as publicize their agendas and activities.

The website is alphabetically organized by city, population, and municipality logo. Each listed municipality will be able to access its own webpage using a login and password, upload a profile and photo of the mayor and add a full presentation and description of the town or city they represent. They can even offer contact details and upload a series of pictures and links to their social media pages. Additionally, a calendar section will provide information and a means to communicate about upcoming events and activities.

The agenda offers a wide range of services, from writing, editing and translating speeches and documents, to project management services, design and distribution of brochures, flyers, and production of videos. It promises quality and expertise at affordable rates.

“We can help bring municipalities together within Lebanon and twinning them with others internationally,” Jbeily said. “Wherever I attend conferences and hear about the achievement of Lebanese mayors, I feel so proud… I worked on the whole package for the success of this innovative venture because… I believe that the municipal work is a portal for change and progress.”

Check it out at this link: http://www.agendamunicipallibanais.com/