I lived outside of Lebanon for a time. Sometimes people bombarded me with negative comments about my country, especially in times of crisis. Lebanon is not green enough. Lebanon is polluted. Lebanon is corrupt. Lebanon is not safe. Nothing works there. You cannot plan in advance et cetera, et cetera.

And all the questions: Why would you want to ski in Lebanon if you can ski in the Alps? Why would you want to go to the Lebanese mountains if you can go to Austria? Why would you want to shop in Beirut if you can shop in Milan or Paris? After feeling deep hurt, my only answer would be, “You may be right, but it is HOME.”

I said, “HOME” with all the affection this word carries—HOME with the sense of belonging it gives; HOME with all the responsibility one feels to make a change, to be the change. When you are at HOME and you don’t like something, you change it. If you don’t, who will?

A place doesn’t have to be your native land for it to be HOME. Many non-Lebanese who adopted this place as HOME may feel the same. HOME is where you feel you want to contribute. It is the place where you want to make a difference.

No matter how tiny this HOME, Lebanon is, it has proved to be big enough to hold the roots of our bright people who travel the world, our diaspora.

What is so special about HOME Magazine?

HOME is positive.

HOME is quality content driven.

HOME is committed to full editorial control to cover any story that makes us proud as Lebanese, with no other consideration whatsoever.

We don’t ask questions like, who is behind this initiative, which group? What party? Whose agenda does this story benefit?

That is why we are entirely independent relying on financing HOME from advertisers, corporate and subscribers to preserve our precious freedom, to stay neutral although in media this is extremely challenging in our country, if existent. HOME is where all Lebanon comes together.

Up till now HOME Magazine is being dispatched to all destinations around the world at our own expense. HOME will still reach its valuable readers free of charge, to those Lebanese who cannot afford it and wish to receive it. We are happy to join forces with any institution or person who shows love and serious work to serve our country Lebanon and we are already cooperating with many (see page 201).

Apart from the editorial team, HOME is a platform for citizen journalism. Anyone can contribute to the content of the magazine. Our positive approach is contagious and we are already working with hundreds in Lebanon and around the world.

HOME’s mission is HOPE. We believe in a Lebanon that looks like the diverse, resourceful people we interview and work with. HOME Magazine is full of messages of peace, inspiration, joy and beauty, the real authentic beauty that dazzles us when it is on the surface but fascinates us even more when we can find it in depth.

We believe, and invite you to believe. Let us connect and make a difference. Join the HOME global community.

HOME— the genuine soul of Lebanon.

Patricia Bitar Cherfan
Social Entrepreneur| Founder