La Vita è Bella

Text La vita è bella

A Lebanese in Italy A long time ago during my mid 20s, I had the chance to live and work in Rome. Unbeknownst to me at the time, those few years spent in the eternal city were some of the happiest years of my life. My time there, which also allowed me to explore many […]

The Osseirans: Saida Family Distinguishes Itself in Diplomacy and Politics

Landscape drawing

Ali Osseiran is a representative of the Zahrani District to the Parliament, where he has served since 1993. His father, Adel Osseiran, or Adel Beyk, as he came to be called, was a recognized leader of the Lebanese fight for independence from France and went on to become a distinguished politician in the new country. In interviews with HOME, […]

Malouf and Therese Abraham Create an Art Legacy in the Texas Panhandle

Old man woman in front of wooden table

Therese and Malouf Abraham with inlaid wooden table from Lebanon and Norman Rockwell’s painting First Day of School Lebanese-American and his wife donate their unique HOME and art collection to share their love of art with a Texas community. Tucked away in the little town of Canadian in the Texas Panhandle is the Citadelle, a very special […]

Clean Energy: Harvesting the Lebanese Sun, Water and Air

If you ask Lebanese citizens about their sweetest dreams and their most dreadful nightmares, the answer for many would be about electricity. Many factors have led to this situation in which we have a drastic shortage of electric power production and distribution in Lebanon: long years of war and lack of investment in the energy […]

Bed and Breakfast: Showcasing the Authentic Lebanon

  The provision of Bed & Breakfast is a rising trend in Lebanon. It offers tourists, or even locals, a glimpse of the country’s exceptional culinary, historical and social heritage. Photos by: Natheer Halawani, Diaa Arfan, Rene Schulthoff, Leia Gorra and Paul Gorra, One of the most unique things about Lebanon is its distinct human […]

The Museum of Lebanese Prehistory

  Discovering the mysteries of prehistoric Lebanon Located inside a Jesuit residence in the heart of Beirut, lies a museum that tells the story of the first humans that occupied the territories constituting our country today. The museum opened its doors in 2000, as part of the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut. The museum aims at […]