The Politics of Road Rage

Several cars in a circular direction around a green tree

Spotting the problems that bemoan the average Lebanese is easy. While many complain about poor driving etiquette and lack of green patches in this concrete jungle, few have noticed the connection between both problems. A taxi driver tells me, “It’s not the traffic, it’s the people.” Using his prayer mat to block the sun (and […]

Université Antonine’s Chamber Music Season Bringing Classical Music to the People

The Chamber Music Season is the latest in Université Antonine’s long tradition of bringing the best of Western classical music to Lebanon. Photos by: My Story Photography UA earns Swiss Accreditation The Swiss Agency of Accreditation and Quality Assurance (AAQ) granted the Université Antonine an institutional certification. This prestigious certification recognizes the UA as a […]


  Philip Morris International (PMI) joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2015. The UNGC is a voluntary public-private partnership aimed at advancing global sustainability goals through business commitment to ten fundamental principles relating to Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environmental Responsibility, and Anti-corruption measures. PMI published in June 2016 its first ‘Communication on Progress’ […]

Adonis Empire in Canada

Jamil Cheaib, president and co-owner of Marché Adonis, made his dream come true with his ambition and perseverance. It is quite impressive to meet Jamil Cheaib, the giant behind the mega-success story of Marché Adonis founded in Montreal in 1979. Cheaib is president and co-owner of the highly established and colossal ethnic food retailer specializing […]

Expressing Ourselves Lebanese And The Art Of Public Speaking

While no one ever calls the Lebanese reserved, it is natural for humans to have a fear of public speaking. Apparently, the Lebanese are eager to overcome it. Is it the outgoing personality? The confidence? Or always having an opinion? What is it about the Lebanese and public speaking that make such a good fit? In […]

From Climate Change Conference in Paris

Finding renewable energy sources and adopting smarter energy choices is a necessity for the economy and the environment. The sound of a generator revving below the building competes with melodies of the Akon concert in the background. Here I am in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) experiencing a power cut and listening to a rapper […]