Meet Jay Hajj: A Lebanese-American Award-Winner Chef from Boston

Photos by: Ken Goodman Lebanese-American Jay Hajj revived Mike’s City Diner, a place where you can taste the best falafel’s in Boston and his award-winning Pilgrim Sandwich, voted one of the Best Five Thanksgiving Meals in America. He shares his recipes in a new cookbook. Mike’s City Diner. A Boston institution that serves classic American […]

HOME’s VIP Lounge: A Statement in Digital Art

At the center of the Beirut Art and Design Fairs, HOME’s VIP Lounge was itself a statement of art. Cars lined up bumper to bumper, some waiting more than an hour on the drive into the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center, the huge modern hall between Beirut’s Downtown and the seafront. It was September […]

7 Reasons Why Freekeh Is A Food Superstar

  While quinoa has been gaining popularity for the past few years and was being incorporated in cuisines from around the world, another super grain is surging to record heights. This time from the Middle East, we’re talking about Freekeh! Many traditional Lebanese dishes are served with rice on the side, but before rice was […]