A Conversation with India’s Ambassador to Lebanon: His Excellency Sanjiv Arora

Man wearing eyeglasses and black jacket raising his hands with two red and white flags behind him

Interviewed by: Patricia Bitar Cherfan, Editor-in-Chief Before he takes his next post in February of 2019 as India’s Secretary of Overseas Indian Affairs, HOME Magazine sat down with H.E Sanjiv Arora who shed light on various topics, ranging from Mahatma Gandhi’s enduring legacy to his faith in the diaspora population and why bilateral trade between Lebanon and […]

Building Momentum for Lebanese Innovation


Recent achievements have demonstrated again that Lebanese startups can compete and win on the global stage. Can we unleash the positive tidal wave of Lebanese entrepreneurs? Lebanon is a small country with an estimated population of 4.4 million people, plus approximately 1.5 million refugees, both Syrian and Palestinian. India currently has approximately 1.3 billion people and is one […]

Yoga Retreats: The Vacation that Doesn’t Require a Recovery Vacation

Most of us eagerly anticipate our time off in order to truly unwind and relax. We often think that by going on a vacation we will break away from our routine and reduce the stress accumulated over time. However, a vacation, especially one with a busy agenda, can have the opposite effect and leave us […]

AUB Outdoors: A Heart-Warming Story Since 1981

  AUB Outdoors is the biggest student-organized event in Lebanon, taking place at the American University of Beirut (AUB) on a yearly basis, on the third weekend of May. This year the theme was “The Alien Invasion.” Walking around AUB’s main campus during Outdoors is like strolling along a never-ending path of fun and excitement. […]


  Tom Young adopted Lebanon as his HOME With a fleck of blue paint in his bright blond hair and a black t-shirt and blue jeans covered in the paint smears of a thousand different colours, British born Tom Young looks every bit the hardworking artist that he is as he welcomes HOME Magazine into […]