Beirut Dweller: Encounters of a Young German Ajnabe أجنبي

People on a corniche at night

Gradually, an image of Lebanon developed in my mind. It somehow kept on building up within me, while I was living and studying in Berlin, Germany. For example, I accidentally discovered Fairouz’ Shayef al bahar shoo kbir while searching for an entirely different song. Without knowing Arabic, I instantly fell for her sound. At around […]

Samkeh: Lebanon’s Favorite Summer Treat

Eating fish in Lebanon is an experience like no other. While we share the same sea with our Mediterranean neighbors, our fish have their own special flavor. That’s because we have our own Lebanese recipes, accompanying mezza and, of course, the warm social ambience of a Mediterranean country. Fresh from the sea Those in the […]

Photographer Andrea Shaker Explores Her Ancestral HOME

Photo by: Lama S. Riman In the small town in New England, U.S.A., where Lebanese-American artist Andrea Shaker grew up, the local fire station tested its alarms at noon. “We lived across the street from the station so the alarm was quite loud. For me, the siren was part of an overall sense of comfort, […]

John McCarthy: Our Unexpected Ambassador in Geneva

  Advised by his father to learn Arabic, American-Irish John McCarthy fell in love with the language, and with Lebanon from the first time he visited in the summer of 1964. McCarthy has been writing short stories in Arabic since 2015. Lebanon has three ambassadors in Switzerland. One ambassador in Bern, one permanent representative to […]

Lebanon: A Culinary Journey

  Relocated to Lebanon in 2011 after a lifetime in the US (California and Texas). I have on occasion encountered puzzled reactions from locals followed by the query “why are you here?” stated with a frown and the obvious message that something must be wrong with me to leave paradise (the US) for Lebanon (hell). […]