Mediterranean Summer

The days are longer and the nights are hotter. It’s time to think about summer!

A summer decoration does not require major transformations. Usually minor changes in the use of colors and textures can change completely the environment, leaving the house with a pleasant touch. By using white curtains, displaying shell collections and presenting nautical themes, for example, you will remember that it is time to enjoy the light and the fun of summer season.

Brazil is a tropical country, known worldwide as the land of Carnival, a festival annually held during summer.

Brazilians are always remembered for their joie de vivre, a feature reflected in a unique style of decorating houses. Here are some ideas of how to leave your HOME ready for the Mediterranean summer with a joyful Brazilian tropical style:

1- Bring nature HOME – As summer is here, spread green all around.
Besides giving joy to the environment, it brings freshness. Choose ferns and seasonal flowers in vibrant colors. But be careful: too big and bulky foliages take up a lot of space. If the place is small, it may look like even smaller and stuffier.

2- Choose the color of the season – The colors that appear in the international fashion shows can go beyond your wardrobe. Go for fuchsia for furniture, carpets and decorative items. Just like marsala is a trendy color in 2015, shades of pink are also a trend in summer decoration, according to Pantone. In the upholstered armchairs and chairs, choose the Peruvian and Ikat patterns.
“Daring” is the word of the season: just use common sense and the right combinations!

3- Tableware – Don’t forget to also bring cheerful and colorful items to the table. Certainly the gatherings will be even more excited around a colorful table! Keep the traditional tableware in your cupboard for the moment and go for pieces with floral prints or inspired by Portuguese tiles. For cups and bowls, choose the colorful and recycled ones, they are not expensive and easy to match.

4- Spread cushions all over the house – They are essential items to compose your decor, whether indoors or outdoors. Prefer linen covers with ethnic prints, ikat, floral, or those with a nautical style. The important thing is to highlight the furniture with the colors of the cushions.

5- Replace thick, dark or bright colored carpets for cotton pieces and light-color soft rugs – The Middle East is known for its beautiful carpets, but during summer choose lighter ones, like the modern kilim rugs, for example.

6- Don’t over-decorate – Too many objects make a room hot and stuffy. Therefore, remove small objects, lamps and wooden items. A nautical decor can be a good lightweight option to brighten the HOME with the harmony of the white and blue colors. Couches of heavy fabrics, such as velvet and suede, do not match with the summer vibe. What about covering them with cotton or linen covers? 
Couch blankets or shawls should also be kept away during hot months. As for the curtains, merge raw tones with the colors of the season, it will make a huge difference in your place.

7- Start a new collection – it’s fun, cheap and useful. Begin collecting shells and place them in a large glass vase. Start the season by filling this vase with sand and gradually fills it with shells that you will find on your walks along the beach. This can also be a wonderful activity to practice together with your children during holidays.

8- Have you ever taken a nap in a hammock? – Place a hammock in your balcony and just relax. A hammock is the ultimate item for summer decoration: exotic, fun and just perfect for the lazy summer days.