Arts and Renaissance School: Art As A Family Affair

Three women painting

Lebanon offers a plethora of art schools but very few specialize in the art of teaching the fundamentals of technique, one that meticulously guides students to develop and progress their craft. One of those schools is Arts and Renaissance — a respected and established family-owned art institution that has taught thousands of art enthusiasts in […]

Former Arab-American Activist and U.S. Foreign Service Officer George W. Aldridge Finally Reaches HOME in Abdelli

American and Lebanese flags

Diaspora Lebanese-Americans whose ancestors left Lebanon before World War I are increasingly returning to reconnect with their HOMEland. For former U.S. Embassy Beirut Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Coordinator George W. Aldridge, the journey to the Lebanon of his great grandparents unfortunately did not occur until his last tour as a State Department official. “So […]

The Story of Kharrūb (Carob)


Long before carob became a popular health food in many countries of the world, the Lebanese have enjoyed dipping bread into “dibis bi tahini,” a mixture of “dibis kharrub” (carob molasses) and “tahini” (sesame seed paste), as a snack or dessert. The Carat The carat, which is both a unit of weight for precious stones and of purity for gold, is derived from the Arabic word for […]

Samkeh: Lebanon’s Favorite Summer Treat

Eating fish in Lebanon is an experience like no other. While we share the same sea with our Mediterranean neighbors, our fish have their own special flavor. That’s because we have our own Lebanese recipes, accompanying mezza and, of course, the warm social ambience of a Mediterranean country. Fresh from the sea Those in the […]

Lebanon’s Beaches by the Numbers

Illustrated by Sammy Ibrahim 11 kilometers of rocky areas 28°C average summer temperature 225 kilometers of coast 8% of Lebanon’s total area 49 kilometers of sandy beaches and dunes 9 types of water sports available Surfing Diving Scuba Diving Snorkeling Kayaking Jet Skiing Paddle Boarding Wind Surfing Sailing About 157 beach resorts Popular Private Beaches San Stephano […]