Beirut Dweller: Encounters of a Young German Ajnabe أجنبي

People on a corniche at night

Gradually, an image of Lebanon developed in my mind. It somehow kept on building up within me, while I was living and studying in Berlin, Germany. For example, I accidentally discovered Fairouz’ Shayef al bahar shoo kbir while searching for an entirely different song. Without knowing Arabic, I instantly fell for her sound. At around […]

Jana Semaan:The Lebanese Cellist in Germany

a girl wearing black with a cello in front of her with a hand towards it and the other a little far

“For us musicians, being a musician is not a job, it is a way of life,” says Jana Semaan. To be a musician, you must have passion, determination and the courage to fight for your  melodies to touch the hearts of everyone and most importantly you must have the talent. And because Jana Semaan, the cellist, owns […]

Nada Abou Farhat: Actress of Defiance and Artistry

Woman with thighs

“Asrar al Sett Badiaa” Nada Abou Farhat, one of Lebanon’s most appreciated and beloved actresses, embraces challenges. The star of film and stage is taking on a big one in her new project, playing a transgender character in the play “Moughamarat Victoria el-Ajibeh,” based on the life of Abdallah Kareem Shoucair, a Lebanese who came of age in the […]

Steady, Set, Go: Why Do Older People Fall? What Can We Do About It?

Georgette, 83, never thought of the idea that she might be susceptible to falling. After all, she never really moved much and when she did, she used to calculate her steps carefully. Two years ago, however, at midnight of a July evening, Georgette was taking her usual walk to the bathroom. But, she suddenly started feeling dizzy and before she could cling onto […]

Not Just a Selfie Backdrop! Exploring Beirut with Walking Tours

In 17th century Europe, young, affluent, educated men would pack their trunks of Oxford shoes and tweed jackets, and go on a grand tour of the continent. They would travel for a year or more, by carriage, horse and train, to see the sites: Paris, the great Italian cities, the Alps, Viennese balls, Greek ruins, […]

Lydia Moawad: Contemporary Artist and Painter

Pursuing her passion around the world. Sailing from the coast of Byblos, where she has painted the sea from her balcony since childhood, both Lydia Moawad and her paintings have crossed oceans and anchored themselves in major cities across the world – New York and Milan, Dubai and Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. She has […]