Dar al Mussawir: What’s in an Image?

Cameras on shelves

Transmit a memory. Transform a moment. Capture some part of reality. These elements are the essence of photography, but how is an image projected and received by an audience? And what can we understand from these snapshots? Beirut-based Dar al Mussawir is one of the foremost photography spaces in Lebanon and the Middle East whose […]

Representing HOME in the Big Apple: Majdi Ramadan

A bridge crossing waters amidst lightened buildings

With HOME etched into their hearts and souls, Lebanese diplomats represent Lebanon everywhere in the world. Majdi Ramadan is one such example of an individual. As Consul General of Lebanon in New York, Ramadan’s diplomatic role brings pride and recognition to his country. In his earlier years, Ramadan majored in political studies at the American […]

Nature’s Lebanon: A Look at Veganism

Lebanese cuisine is deeply rooted – pun intended – in veganism. Mloukhieh with garlic boils and bubbles in a large ‘tanjara’ of vegetable broth, while fluffy white Basmati rice steams elegantly alongside it. Green beans, drenched in olive oil and thickened with tomato paste, simmer away on the stove, as red lentils transform into a […]

Salvaging Architectural Heritage and Buiding a Dream HOME

  Henry Lucien began by coveting his ‘dream HOME’ but in the process he salvaged so much architectural heritage that he decided to open his house as a museum. Article by: Niamh Farrell Henry Lucien leads the way through the narrow streets of Beirut’s Geitawi neighborhood, speaking as he does about his passion for “traditional” […]

Ayman Baalbaki: Expressive Strokes

Ayman Baalbaki is the face of contemporary Lebanese art. Born in 1975, in Odeissé, Lebanon, he has won the hearts of critics, galleries, museums, and collectors across the globe. In March 2014, “Babel” was sold at auction at Christies for $485,000. His work boldly forages into the depths of war, destruction, escape, politics, defiance, and […]

Barrak Naamani: The Tailor & The Artist

  Barrak Naamani became a tailor – taking over his family business in 2009 – after he left a lucrative advertising career in the Gulf. Today his workshop and showroom space in the heart of Hamra in Beirut specializes in bespoke shirts and suits, but Naamani has also become known in his neighborhood and beyond […]