Peace Takes Center Stage with Lea Baroudi

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Interviewed by Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Bitar Cherfan Disadvantaged, marginalized, impoverished. How does one begin to help people chained to this end of the societal spectrum? MARCH Lebanon is a local non-profit NGO whose mission is to promote social cohesion and personal freedoms through arts and culture. Lights MARCH was created in 2011 by a group of […]

Through Mahmoud Hojeij’s Artistic Lens

Lebanese director, producer, writer and artist Mahmoud Hojeij has a lot to say and knows how to use a variety of media to say it. The award-winning filmmaker is making his mark. “The blindness. We’re all very blind. Maps. Loyalty. Happiness (or rather the myth of happiness). Connection is a big theme I think about. […]

Georges Khabbaz: A Truly All-Round Artist

  Actor, writer, director, comedian, musician, playwright, producer and theater professor in television, theatre and cinema—there are many appellations that follow the name of Georges Khabbaz. Georges has been the lead actor in more than 25 television shows, including three sitcoms that he scripted and directed and which received top viewing records. He has also […]