Who Runs the Show: A Tale of the Heart

Who Runs the Show: A Tale of the Heart

Feminine energy is characterized by creativity, unconditional love, the ability to nurture, intimacy, vulnerability and intuition among other traits.

However, I believe that intuition is one of the superpowers of the feminine. Every woman has passed through a situation in which she has decided to listen to that little voice inside of her only to find out later that voice had spoken the truth. And let’s admit it, we have silenced our inner voice more often than not because we think we have to rationalize and think our decisions many times over.

We have been conditioned over the years to neglect our intuition and lead from the head instead of the heart. Well, we’re not to be blamed because we have been taught to follow the way of the masculine for it has proven right, till now. Don’t get me wrong, masculine energy is needed; it rules the left part of our brains, which is responsible for directing, competing, taking action, getting results and analyzing, among other qualities. But, it is within these traits that we have lost the balance. A balanced woman is one whose energy is 75 percent feminine and 25 percent masculine.

“Intuition is one of the superpowers of the feminine.”

We grow up believing we have to be, look, behave and even think a certain way; which is not always in alignment with who we are at the core. Living in our heads leaves no space for our truth to surface, since we are always looking through our old programming.

Letting our intuition guide the way is no less efficient than the purely rational way. On the contrary, we have witnessed intuition at times surpass all common sense when it screams to us that a dear one is in danger or whispers softly that a new acquaintance is up to no good.

Women know this superpower exists inside them, though we rule it out most of the time. Even science, which is a manifestation of the masculine energy, has come to prove intuition exists. The leading research done by HeartMath Institute in California suggests there are three types of intuition and they have developed certain techniques that allow us access to our heart’s intelligence. Science now has discovered that the brain receives neural signals from the heart four times as much as it sends to the heart. So, when the heart and brain are in sync, it opens up higher cognitive functions that allow us to reach better decisions.

What we know now is that the intelligence of the heart is by far more superior to that of the brain. When we are in connection with this source of knowledge that lies within, we have access to a high-speed intelligence that overrides regular thought processes.

Dear women, embrace this superpower. Honor the voice of your heart and don’t let your fear dim your light. Princess Diana once said: “I don’t go by the rulebook. I lead from the heart, not the head.” This mantra allowedher to live her truth, with no explanation to anyone. She was able to direct her energy toward connecting with hearts, thus growing her
power. Our hearts are designed to run the show. Let’s allow them to do so, and watch.

For more info: https://www.heartmath.org/research/research-library/intuition/