Promise Me

Promise me we won’t lose our sense of self every time our bodies curve into one another, that we’ll be like firelight dancing across each other’s skin without burning it, we, panting to the rhythm of rain against our window sill, will carry our pulsating hearts deep into the night.

Promise me you won’t carve your words along the lines of my veins and that my tongue won’t become your grave that wherever we choose to settle we’ll make it a better place.

We’ll each dance in our own way, to the unique rhythm of our souls, our soles beating against the steps of our front door, until every visitor knows that this is the HOME of the free spirited, everyone is welcome here, because there is nowhere left to go when the world is at your feet.

But on those days when it feels like it’s the other way around, I’ll be around, to remind you that it’s just about standing in a different corner of the room, everything looks better when you move, so dance with me, and sometimes our melodies will be in harmony and we’ll dance together like we always have, like moonbeam floating on the surface of the sea, and other times it’ll be like a silent disco and no one will know how we were able to create something so beautiful, so free.

Promise me we’ll lift each other up, promise you won’t be silent when I break down, that my tears won’t be taken lightly, that you’ll pull me to you even as I push away, I don’t always know what I want or how to heal.

But I can be your rose vine when you’re feeling like a brick wall, wrap my limbs around you, colour you beautiful, hold you in until you are ready to face the world again.

Promise me that you will never settle never make it seem that you’re with me because I fit in your rational time and space, that magic didn’t have a role to play, didn’t bring the moon closer and set the night sky stars is such a way, guiding arrows to the heart.

Promise me that you’ll hold my hand and have the patience to stand by me, to take me in whole, and not in parts, polishing my glasses because the world has just grown too dark, let we not be misguided by the ideas of Mr. Disney, my role is not to be a hero but a support when you need me.

Promise that you we will be the guardian of my dreams, that we take shifts till the crack of dawn protecting our vision of a better world, that my dreams will not be obstacles to yours that we will find methods to the madness, solutions to the impossible, and our journeys will intertwine into blankets for those cold nights because I promise to be the guardian of yours.

Promise that our fights will never become games of chicken, waiting for the other to fall to the whispers of our ids and our single sided vision, I understand that it’s hard for us all, that our lens for warmth is dirtied by the mud that the world throws, but patience will be the name of our ship, that will help guide us through this storm to a little island in the distance reminding us what we really are here for. So rest easy, because with a ship like patience every storm will just be a roller coaster that we stand in line for. So rest easy, because we will always be whole.

Promise me that we won’t get lost in the eyes of our children, forgetting that one day they’ll leave our small planet to explore the galaxy.

That you’ll play hide and seek with them and you’ll let me whisper in their ear where you’re hiding so they can find you every time the world feels too large to grow in, too narrow to dance in.

That you’ll take a paternity leave after me because this won’t be a one-parent family and that our money won’t go towards hoarding more stuff that can no longer fit in our storage room, that our values won’t be sold for comfort and our hands will get dirty in the garden of our backyard, where we will grow our own vegetables, make our own soaps, and swim in the inflatable pool of our dreams.

Promise me that you’ll still walk your fingers along the line of my back when I’m all wrinkly, that you’ll still have stars in your eyes every time you look at me, that we’ll still make each other giggle when we’re half asleep, that we’ll honour each other’s idiosyncrasies. I will always be sensitive to noise and light and your dirty socks but I’ll let you get on the bed with them anyway….

I promise I’ll try to remember to take it all with a laugh, that our time together here is short and nothing really lasts…